Automated Voice Services

Automated voice services increase contact center efficiency. Customizable modules such as speech recognition, interactive voice response (IVR), call and screen recording, text-to-speech, speech-enabled directory assistance and smart paging, and automatic call distributor (ACD) functions improve call management and reduce errors.
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Key Features

Call flow efficiency

Reduce the number of calls an operator receives by up to 40%. Automatic greetings, voice-activated menu navigation, and directory assistance technology efficiently assist callers before speaking with a live operator.

Improve operator training

Call management modules decrease the time new operators take to complete contact center training.

Real-time reporting

Comprehensive audit trail with call recording, screen recording, screen capture, call logging, and data analytics storage.


Improve call center operations

This versatile software readily integrates with existing platforms to enhance interoperability and help provide outstanding service. Some industries unfavorably view call centers as cost centers. However, effective automation and call management saves time and labor costs, reduces agent training time, and provides critical data in legal cases.

Features include:

  • Automated queue announcements related to hold times and callback options.
  • Caller data and artificial intelligence to predict the caller’s needs.
  • Auto-fill forms with information to expedite calls.
  • Text-to-speech and speech recognition software to help communicate with callers more easily.
  • Detailed, real-time reports to provide critical data for managers and other organizations, continuous quality improvement, training purposes, and documented proof if legal concerns arise.

Conference bridge

Conference bridge is a powerful multi-party conferencing resource complete with premium voice quality. Hospitals often use this solution for their patient transport needs. When healthcare organizations use their existing telephony, our conference bridge solution can save hospitals up to 30% on phone line usage fees for conference calls. Depending on a hospital’s specific system configuration and available telephone lines, conference bridge can connect as many as 40 different parties in a single conference call.

Features include:

  • Easy attendee access
  • Simplified access for moderators
  • Numerous conference options
  • Convenient conference web interface


What our customers are saying
“Amtelco's software allows us to quickly cross-train staff from other departments to work for the switchboard. These staff members are now even more valuable to our organization.”
Shelley White, Director of Patient Access Services
State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University