Answering Service Software

Provide your telephone answering service (TAS) with reliable technology and support to run a highly successful business with our call center technology. Our answering service software covers the entire spectrum of communication services.
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Key Features

Highly customizable

Telephone answering services work with clients from multiple industries and business types. Our answering service software is highly customizable to fit with whichever sector(s) you serve.

Reliable call handling

Be present for your customers, and we will be there for you. Our software presents all of the needed information when your agent connects to ensure professional call handling.

Remote operators

Maintain less equipment to save time and money while growing your business. Systems are easily scaled to operate in a virtual server environment or the cloud.


Research shows that 80% of callers will not leave a message. Our answering service software ensures you’ll be present for your customers, no matter when they call.

Customer experience (CX) is a crucial differentiator for your telephone answering service. Our answering service software streamlines communications, improves caller satisfaction, and reduces call-handling errors. Assure your clients that you can meet unique call-handling requests by offering complete live agent services, web-based help desk features, and fully automated call processing. Leverage our integrated reporting and call tracking analytics to provide them with detailed call statistics and accurate billable and non-billable time.

Telephone answering services

Everything your operators need, at their fingertips

Operators can easily answer multiple calls and handle them on a priority basis to provide callers with the requested information, take messages, contact the correct on-call personnel, and more.

  • Custom scripts for each client ensure your agents provide the correct information.
  • Easy-to-follow screen layout speeds call processing.
  • Clients can pick up messages in the most convenient method, including e-mail, secure messaging apps, and phone.
  • Managers can access reports and historical call management data.


Physician and Medical Answering Services

Provide top-notch customer service for every patient, every time

Physician and medical answering services trust our software to give operators complete access to all the information and resources required to handle patient calls and messaging.

On-call scheduling, paging, billing statistics, call patching, speed dialing, and customizable physician information pages are supplementary tools that enable your service to function as a virtual lobby to provide a comprehensive, after-hours solution for your clients.


Virtual Answering Services

Turn any personal computer into a professional answering service workstation

Our web-based, virtual answering service software provides the same tools agents use in a physical call center to remote agents who can work from anywhere.

A VPN connection is established for virtual operators to ensure their connection is secure, and data connections are established via direct connection, remote desktop, thin client, Citrix, and VDI.

Custom agent scripting is easily programmed and updated in real-time to guide operators through each call to reduce error rates and provide superior customer service experiences.


"I have been a happy Amtelco customer since 1979 and very pleased with the comforting support from their long-serving staff."
Anthony Greenfield, CEO

A history steeped in the telephone answering service Industry

Amtelco has a long, rich history in the telephone answering service industry. In the 1950s, our founder, Bill Curtin II, was en route from Madison, WI, to surprise his family, who were vacationing in Michigan, but Bill had car problems and got stuck in Chicago, IL.

Bill knew his wife, Eleanor, would be calling home before he could return. He didn’t want Eleanor to worry when the phone was unanswered. So, Bill called the phone operator in Madison and explained, “I’m going to need your help tonight. My wife will be calling me, but I will not be there to answer the phone. My phone number is xxx-xxxx. When a call comes to my phone, can you pick it up? And if it’s my wife, can you please let her know that I was planning to surprise her in Michigan but had car troubles and got stuck in Chicago – but I’m alright?”

The operator responded, “I can’t do that!” Bill had a technical background in communications and explained how there was a way she could answer his phone. Still, the operator replied, “That is not possible, and that is not a part of my job responsibilities.”

Afterward, Bill continued to think about how to help the operator answer the phone. As he continued his research, he learned about businesses called “Answering Services” that answered phones for other people. At that time, only a handful of companies in the United States offered these services. Bill visited at least one of these Answering Services to see how they were configured to answer phone calls. He realized he could do the same thing in Madison and started planning his next business venture.

Together, Bill and Eleanor worked tirelessly to start their 24/7 answering service business. Bill often worked the night shift. If the phones were quiet, he’d use the time to think about and work on his inventions. Those inventions would eventually become the foundation of Amtelco!

Your clients will have peace of mind knowing your answering service software vendor has been providing communication solutions for decades—and was founded by one of the earliest answer service pioneers!