Reporting and Analytics

Automatically rate calls using customized scoring scripts that provide detailed statistics. Leverage your call data and screen recording data by turning them into reports for agents and management. Run these metrics as needed, in real-time, or on a schedule.
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Key Features

Automated call scoring

Replace manual scoring and live call listening with an automated call scoring process. Automatically score calls based on your pre-defined criteria and export it as a PDF. All the scores automatically get added to a dashboard, which can be viewed remotely.

Real-time call metrics

Numerous call metrics can be gathered and leveraged to improve operator workflows, evaluate agent performance, gauge caller sentiment, and discover trends. Utilize detailed call log analytics and service level charting to effectively manage workload, plan staffing needs, and analyze call volume. Helpful widgets visually represent target goals and various data grouping options.

Call transcription

Save a significant amount of time by automatically transcribing recorded calls into text, including a detailed record of who spoke and a full conversation summary.


Harness the power of data with Active Insights

Data is king. Active Insights empowers you to harness the power of call data, transforming raw information into actionable insights. Discover new opportunities for improvement, optimize workflows, and deliver unparalleled service quality.

Active Insights is a user-friendly, secure, native, cloud-based platform that provides access to call, message, and speech analytics. Use Active Insights to automatically transcribe and score calls, get detailed stats, generate custom reports, and more. Active Insights uses natural language prompting that’s passed to an AI large language model to evaluate calls, check data entry accuracy, caller emotion recognition based on the words being used, and more.

The AI used by Active Insights can:

  • Determine caller sentiment.
  • Generate an outcome summary of each call.
  • Determine if each call trended positively or negatively.


The AI generates call scores based on agent performance including:


  • Call and message handling.
  • Accurate and professional use of an answer phrase.
  • Confirmation of caller phone number and name spelling.
  • The use of proper grammar.
  • The agent’s attitude and confidence level.
  • How the operator engaged with the caller.
  • How the call ended and call outcome.

Call metrics

Generate custom reports to uncover efficiencies in your workflows

Call centers generate a lot of data. Generate custom reports in real-time or schedule them in advance for billing, agent evaluation, call stats, system usage, and more. Measure and improve profitability with relevant statistics and leverage metrics to streamline agent workflows, improve operator performance, and contribute to a frictionless caller experience.

Data from call centers can also help protect organizations in litigious situations. Calls, messages, screen capture images, and more can be recorded, tracked, time-stamped, stored, and recalled if an interaction needs supporting documentation.

Real-time analytics at your fingertips

Monitor performance, track key indicators, and uncover trends that matter. Our dynamic dashboard widgets present invaluable statistics for informed decision-making. Each stored call includes a call information page, which makes it possible to:

  • Assess call and screen capture recordings alongside informative graphs.
  • View post-call scores generated by Active Insights.
  • Browse associated message summaries and access details for each message.
  • View call events and call details.
  • Read call transcripts created by the Active Insights call transcription feature.


Elevate your customer engagement

Active Insights doesn’t just provide data; it empowers your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Access stored calls with intelligent, stackable filters that let you find specific calls based on:

  • A specific agent, client, or Caller ID number.
  • A certain duration or answer time.
  • Timeframe.
  • Transcripts or messages containing keywords.


More management tools

Empower your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences

  • Agent Assistant: Empowering Your Agents Give your agents the tools they need to excel. The optional agent assistant feature utilizes the Active Insights platform to help determine the optimal way to route calls based on prior call history.
  • Feedback to Agents Use the unbiased feedback from Active Insights to give your agents positive feedback in areas where they excel, along with suggestions for areas where they can improve.
  • Call Transcription Made Effortless Never miss a word with the optional call transcription feature. Convert recorded calls into detailed text transcripts with conversation summaries and speaker identification.
  • Automated Call Scoring Set custom criteria to instantly evaluate agent performance for any call type. Build unique scripts for each type of call and designate points for each item.
Create separate scoring scripts for your particular call types to check for specific information. Active Insights displays the score for each part, instantly showing you how well agents are handling calls. For example:
    • Answer time (10 points)
    • Accuracy of answer phrase (5 points)
    • Required questions asked (5 points)
    • Proper grammar (5 points)
    • Manners (10 points)
    • Pacifying words such as um or ah (-5 points)
    • Accuracy of call close (10 points)

Secure cloud storage for peace of mind

Active Insights has been purposefully built as a HIPAA-compliant data storage solution. Rest easy knowing that your valuable data is stored securely in Amtelco-managed Cloud Storage. Everything is stored in an S3 bucket and encrypted at rest and in transit. You don’t need dedicated servers for storing data or use IT time to manage it.

Keep your database small using Active Insights as a next-generation data storage and analytics tool. Offload your data from the live system database to keep it optimized and focused on call processing rather than storage. Set filters on the contents of saved messages to search for and find specific messages.


Zero downtime for upgrades

We push new features and enhancements to deployment as they come out – which means our customers see them as they are released! We don’t have to take your server down or take your operators offline. There is no impact on your call handling because Active Insights is continuously deployed and greatly improves our ability to roll updates out quicker for a more efficient process.


What our customers are saying
“Whenever we have a client question about a call, we use Active Insights to verify the operator asked all the required questions and can hear the interaction between the caller and the operator.”
Darren Stevens, System Administrator
Southern Voices
“Active Insights is very easy to use. We appreciate the call scoring, flexibility, and customization we can achieve based on the metrics we choose.”
Darren Stevens, System Administrator
Southern Voices