On-Call Scheduling

Scheduling your on-call workforce shouldn't be a burden. Our on-call scheduling solution is flexible and accurate so you can easily create, view, and modify complex on-call schedules for any department in just minutes.
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Key Features

Easy remote access

Staff and contact center operators have access to on-call schedules for accurate enterprise-wide communication. Employees can quickly create, view, and edit on-call schedules from virtually anywhere.

Automated scheduling

Auto Scheduler is web-based and simplifies the process of creating complex on-call schedules by incorporating Shift, Role, and Rule settings to automatically assign resources to your schedules.

Tracking and reporting

A complete audit trail is kept of all schedule updates, who was notified, and at what time. Managers can create quality assurance reports and other custom reports using the data.


Create complex schedules for entire departments in just minutes

Reliable on-call scheduling software can significantly reduce inaccurate information, scheduling errors, and lost time. Call center operators and staff can instantly contact the correct on-call personnel, using their desired contact methods and customize shift schedules from virtually anywhere. Best of all, the software makes on-call scheduling easy to set up and maintain.

  • Managers are notified in advance about unfilled schedules.
  • Departments and staff in other locations can enter and update their own schedules.
  • On-call schedules can be added to personal and mobile calendars.
  • Provide separate schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors.
  • Automated, real-time updates.
  • Integrate on-call schedule information with a secure messaging app.

Easy remote access

Create, view, and edit on-call schedules from virtually anywhere

Online on-call scheduling enables users to:
  • Access their on-call assignments.
  • Assign or request their own on-call assignments.
  • View on-call assignments for a specific day, week, or month.
  • Show information about on-call assignments for selected roles.
  • Swap shifts with one another.
  • Filter schedules in the on-call roster.
  • Search for a specific contact or role.
  • Search for assigned or unassigned shifts.
  • View additional information about daily, weekly, or monthly coverage.
  • Save on-call schedules as a PDF.
“I can build as many on-call schedules as I need. There’s not really an end to what we can do, or who we can accommodate, with on-call scheduling."
Brenda Frieboes, On-Call Manager
Providence Swedish