Disaster Recovery

Telephone and power outages can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Keep critical lines of communication open and automatically maintain essential call handling functions and notifications with our disaster recovery solutions.
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Key Features

Web-based notifications

Browser-based mass notifications enable operators to create, edit, and trigger alerts from virtually anywhere to contact the appropriate personnel in crisis situations.

Hosted emergency access

Hosted emergency access service provides a fast and easy failover system at a secure, geographically separated location. Automatically maintain essential call handling functions in the event of a telephone outage, power outage, or natural disaster.

Network and systems backup

Network backup provides the ability to have a live stand-by server in place with a current database. The automated Windows system backup tool schedules routine data backups.


Communication failure is not an option. Amtelco can help with your system backup, disaster recovery, and emergency notification needs.

Telephone outages, power outages, and natural disasters can happen suddenly—and unexpectedly. It is critical for every contact center to have a business continuity plan in place in the event of a service interruption. Utilize our cloud-based call center solutions in your contingency plan to ensure seamless operations during a disruption.

Keep your call center operating

Having the ability to route calls to another contact center, remote operators, or via another server is crucial in the event of an emergency. A single virtual server, located anywhere in the country, can bring call centers together to operate seamlessly – even if they all use different PBX telephone systems.

Our web-based call center communication software enables agents to process omnichannel calls through desktop computers, laptops, and tablets from a web browser. This enables your call center to continue running virtually with little to no interruption.


Fast emergency notifications

Our alert system offers a simple and efficient way to handle disaster conditions and various code calls to your call center by enabling your agents to quickly contact multiple people to save precious time. Quickly and accurately notify groups and individuals for planned and unplanned events.

An agent can quickly trigger the alert by simply selecting who to notify, entering the alert message, and sending. During an active alert, our real-time monitor gives immediate feedback on the responses received and keeps track of very detailed reports for each alert issued.


What our customers are saying
"As an Amtelco customer for over 20 years, we have found their service and support exceptional and second to none. Their hardware and software are as solid as a rock, which makes us feel confident in using the platform for 911 life and safety call traffic."
Mike Shantz, President
Northern 911