Cloud Contact Center

Run our latest software in the cloud. Cloud contact centers can grow without adding hardware, maintain less equipment, and shift server management responsibilities to cloud providers. Cloud providers also operate from data center locations designed for high availability and reliability.
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Key Features

Protect your system from downtime with 24/7/365 monitoring

Low maintenance

You aren't responsible for installing up-to-date applications and regular server maintenance.

Reliable service

Cloud service providers are located in data center locations designed for high availability and reliability and have backup and continuity solutions in place.


Eliminate on-premises hardware and software to reduce cost and maintenance of servers, data backup solutions, and SQL Servers.


Designed for your virtually hosted call center

Amtelco leverages the benefits of many different data centers to provide solutions to our customers. Cloud solutions offered with this configuration include notifications, secure messaging, and backup services. All of these platforms were built by Amtelco to be operated in a shared cloud-based computing environment. We also house dedicated call center systems at hosted data centers for our customers.

Amtelco has partnered with Amazon, CDW, and Flexential data centers to offer affordable and reliable solutions for our customers. Organizations can work with Amazon or other data centers directly to deploy their servers in a cloud environment or can partner with us to help facilitate the transition.

There are many options to choose from. Contact us for more information.

Cloud service providers vs. hosted solutions: Which is right for you?

Cloud service providers
  • Cloud service providers allow for the purchase of the necessary virtual servers, database servers, and networking resources where the cloud service provider maintains the hardware and network firewalls. The services that are purchased still need to be maintained by the call center that purchased these solutions.
  • Call centers manage virtual services and other services through fairly easy-to-use websites. Requests can also be made to the cloud service provider help desk.
  • The server licenses are purchased with a monthly fee. Contact centers can update to a newer software version at any time, but the contact center is responsible for upgrading the operating system.
  • Cloud service providers usually have backup and business continuity solutions.
  • Cloud service providers are located in data center locations designed for high availability and reliability.
Hosted solutions
  • Hardware is placed in a hosted data center. The data center generally offers a secure environment with multiple levels of IT support, rack space, backup power, security, controlled environment, UPS backup power, generator backup power, and high bandwidth Internet connections with automated failover and Internet bandwidth to choose from.
  • For servers that are not dependent on specific hardware, Amtelco will purchase and maintain all the needed virtual servers.
  • Customers only need to configure and maintain the Amtelco purchased solution.
  • Amtelco takes care of all needed server updates and patching.
What our customers are saying
“We are thoroughly enjoying our new Amtelco-hosted solution. The worry, overhead, and cost of implementing, maintaining, monitoring, and backing up of servers is now absent. The frustration of software updates and implementation is a distant memory. Ongoing virus prevention and intrusion monitoring is no longer a headache for us. Besides all of this and the worry-free operation experience is the reduced overhead costs."
David Short, Director of Operations
Answer Centre of Louisiana