Mobile Workforce

A fundamental and critical part of any organization’s communication protocol is to ensure that staff can access the information they need at any time from virtually any place. Our mobile workforce solutions facilitate reliable, accurate communications and reduce potential miscommunications.
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Key Features

User-friendly scheduling

Scheduling the on-call workforce for your healthcare organization or business clients shouldn’t be a burden! Our solution is intuitive and can be used and understood by people who are intimidated by other products.

Remote access

Employees can remotely access their schedules via the Internet to view, edit, request assignments, swap shifts, add to personal and mobile calendars, and more.

Advanced notifications

Automated, real-time notifications provide management updates and alerts about unfilled schedules.


Access the information you need at any time, from virtually any place

Creating elaborate workforce schedules has never been easier with our web-based scheduling software. It integrates with your existing data to automate the process of compiling schedules.

Our widget-based application provides access to availability status, messages, directories, on-call schedules, call log monitoring, and reporting in one convenient package for desktop computer and mobile device users.

Your staff will find the scheduling process flexible, accurate, and straightforward when modifying schedules, dispatching messages, and maintaining directory contact methods.

mobile workforce for healthcare

Laser-focused patient care

Our mobile care team collaboration application enables staff to remotely access on-call schedules, directories, messages, reports, telephone scripts, and even historical call management data quickly and efficiently through the Internet or a healthcare organization’s internal networks.

Staff can view, edit, copy, override, assign, and unassign schedules in real-time. Directories enable employees to quickly find and contact staff without interrupting co-workers, and the reporting function provides accurate statistics about interactions and communications.


"Amtelco's application is user-friendly. To sit down and look at it and then figure out how to do something with a program you're not familiar with within a few minutes - if that isn't user-friendly, I don't know what is.”
Brenda Frieboes, On-Call Manager
Providence Swedish, Seattle, WA
Read how we helped Providence Swedish manage roughly 200 schedules in our case study:

Providence Swedish: Improving On-Call Communication Delays and Code Call Workflows with Web-Based Platforms

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Mobile workforce for answering services

Provide better service, improve workflows, increase efficiency, and eliminate costly errors

Our mobile workforce solution provides a highly customizable scheduling and management tool for your various clients. Your agents can easily create, view, and update schedule coverage for any department on any day, week, or month.
  • Archives on-call schedules for later review.
  • Creates quality assurance reports, audit trails, and other custom reports.
  • Separates schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors.
  • Integrates with popular calendar applications to bring appointments directly into your client’s calendar of choice.
  • Imports appointment, on-call, and schedule information directly from third-party scheduling applications.
  • Automatically sets scheduled imports to run at off-peak times to save valuable time and resources.
  • Simplifies workforce management with customizable shifts, roles, and statuses.
  • Provides customized schedules to meet each client’s specific needs.
  • Monitors employee and staff workloads by checking the totals for the selected month, week, and even day.
What our customers are saying
“When we were rolling out in the early stages, I had some difficulty getting the groups to enter their schedules for the next month. I’d send a reminder and promise it would only take them a few minutes to complete. Then, I’d suddenly receive a message back a half hour later saying it was so easy that they got the next three months done!”
Brenda Frieboes, On-Call Manager
Providence Swedish, Seattle, WA