Telephony Hardware

High quality, cost effective, reliable computer telephony boards and appliances

Amtelco offers a complete line of XDS Telephony Appliances and Telephony Boards—backed by the support you need!
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At A Glance

Telephony Interface Boards

Amtelco’s telephony boards are available in multiple form factors to support both PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) platforms. The latest line of our boards now supports Host Media Processing (HMP).

Gateway Appliances

Amtelco offers Gateway Appliances for E&M to VoIP, T1/E1 to VoIP and FXO to VoIP.  These systems are small, compact, and highly cost-effective.


Software device drivers are available for H.100 board applications (CT Bus switching), as well as an HMP channel driver package for integration of Amtelco HMP boards into an Asterisk® environment.
Distributors & Partners
Tazcom is a provider of solutions for telephony system developers.
CTI-PRO, s.r.o. company is specialized at the Computer Telephony products and solutions.
Glifo Technology s.r.l. is a provider of boards and solutions for Computer Telephony.