Operator Consoles

Our highly customizable operator consoles streamline call flows and workflows based upon call type and skill level of available agents. Tailor the look and function for each agent depending upon their location, department, and color preferences.
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Key Features

Reduce call times, eliminate operator keystrokes, improve call metrics, and optimize call processing to ensure that critical calls are prioritized.

Web-based communication

Web-based communication is fast, secure, improves communication times, adds efficiencies through remote access, and reduces the number of potential errors caused by miscommunication and absences.

Remote operators

Our operator consoles turn any desktop, laptop, or tablet into a professional operator station to enable agents to work anywhere. The information and tools operators need to complete each call are available on-screen.

Hosted solutions

Contact centers can run our latest software in a virtual server environment or in the cloud. Grow your call center without adding additional hardware, shift the responsibility for server management to the cloud provider, and save time and money due to less equipment maintainance.


Our highly customizable system means you’ll only pay for the features you need

Your contact center has unique needs, and your organization doesn’t want to pay for solutions you don’t use – or repurchase tools you already have. We offer highly customizable solutions for the diverse needs of your call center, the industry you serve, and your callers.

We provide an all-inclusive contact center software suite. Features like multi-channel integrations with enhanced call processing help you prioritize critical calls. Built-in speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice services improve call routing and management. Call logging, video screen capture, and customized reporting help with training, accountability, and more.

Web-based applications

Our next-generation call-handling application is a web browser-based telephone agent interface offering simplified installation and maintenance. The standard interface is a scalable application that can turn any personal computer, laptop, or tablet into a fully functional, professional operator station. It can be integrated with both hard-wired legacy systems and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Voice Over IP (VoIP) networks.

The web chat feature lets website visitors communicate directly and immediately with your agents. A customizable script is displayed during a chat session that guides your agent through the conversation. This feature can also be configured to provide smartphone browsers the option to contact an agent using SMS text messaging or an immediate phone call.

Features of our notification solution include:

  • Delivers a fast ROI.
  • Consolidates and improves processes.
  • Improves error rates, efficiency, and productivity for a better caller experience.
  • Routes calls based on call type and skill level of available agents.
  • Reduces operator training because database-driven call scripts automatically guide them through complex calls.
  • Provides accurate, professional, and speedy call handling.
  • Integrates with VoIP PBXs: Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, and others. Our solutions integrate with existing telephone carriers and PBX equipment from every major PBX vendor to provide a stand-alone, fully functional call center environment.
  • Reporting call analytics.
Remote agents

Make remote work easy by turning any personal computer into a professional call center agent’s workstation

All the tools an agent uses in a contact center are accessible to the virtual agent. Remote operators have the exact information they need to provide the best call experience.

The systems are omni-channel and feature full scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. A VPN connection is established for remote operators to ensure their connection is secure.


Hosted services

Run your system on a single virtual server located anywhere in the country

Large companies and healthcare systems with multiple locations and call centers can run on a single virtual server – even if they all use different PBX telephone systems. Hosted solutions ensure you will always have up-to-date applications, regular server maintenance performed by professionals, and business continuity.

Depending on your call center’s needs, we can house dedicated call center systems at hosted data centers for our customers. We partner with Amazon, CDW, Flexential, and other data centers to deploy servers in a cloud environment.


Call management

Reduce operator calls up to 40% with smart automation

Effective call management saves time and labor costs. Automatic greetings, voice-activated menu navigation, and directory assistance technology efficiently assist callers before they even speak with a live operator.

We have solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, use caller data and behavior to predict the needs of the caller, and auto-fill information that is presented to the operator to expedite calls.


What our customers are saying
“Thanks to Amtelco, we are using their call center software through a VPN connection for agents working from home. This is happening WITHOUT a remote audio connection, allowing us to handle audio both ways without an external audio source.”
Jennie McWhorter, IS Operations Manager
Ephraim McDowell Health in Danville, KY