Easily Record Calls with Amtelco Call Log and Unity Voice Logger

Do your agents need a way to verify a caller’s name or number?
Do you need to store call recordings for several years?
Would you like to review how your agents handle calls?

Use Amtelco’s Call Log and Unity Voice Logger to handle these situations, and much more. The Call Log (Intelligent Series) and Unity Voice Logger (Infinity) are software-based call recording solutions that can automatically record all agent involvement with incoming and outgoing calls, helping ensure you’re providing professional call handling services.

Both the Call Log and Unity Voice Logger:

  • simplify training when new agents listen to previous recordings
  • make it easy for agents to search and play messages to confirm information from callers
  • give supervisors a convenient way to review how agents are managing calls provide historical accuracy
  • streamline the process of saving and archiving recordings, making it possible to store them for as long as needed by your organization
  • can also include screen recordings

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