Connect Callers Quickly with Healthcare Personnel Using Park Orbit

Provide faster service for your patients by using Park Orbit to connect them with physicians and staff – even when they are away from their offices!

Now you can eliminate the time callers need to wait for a callback with the innovative Park Orbit feature. Instead of taking a message, an agent pages the requested staff member to dial a Park Orbit extension and parks the caller to that extension.

The caller can be prompted to say their name (optionally) and is placed on hold. When the physician or staff member calls the orbit extension, they can connect to the caller, send the caller back to an agent, send the caller to voice mail, or disconnect the caller.

Park Orbit is fully customizable to meet the needs of your organization and your physicians and staff. Add greetings to help direct callers and healthcare personnel, and program how long a caller waits before returning to an agent so that the agent can take a message or direct the caller to another care team member. You can also set default actions after a specified time to automatically connect personnel to the caller or send the caller to an agent for further assistance.

Find Out More About Park Orbit:

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