The Innovation Machine: Listening to Customer Needs

If you’ve ever wondered where ideas for software features come from, would you be surprised to learn that many come directly from Amtelco customers? They do!

Customers can submit ideas anytime using the Innovation Machine, accessible on the exclusive TechHelper online support resource. This unique tool is designed to enable you to provide suggestions quickly and easily, helping software developers add even more functionality to meet your needs better.

The Innovation Machine recently underwent a significant update, and the new, improved version was released in early February. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that helps customers provide detailed descriptions of their concepts, including a name, a description, and the rationale for why the idea should be added.

You can also search and view requests created by other customers and add your comments for any of these to vote for what you want to see in the software. Each submission includes a status to indicate if an idea has been reviewed and ideas currently in development.  

Ready to Get Started?

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