Amtelco’s Intelligent Series Integrations

Concept of integrated communications in a call center.

The Intelligent Series (IS) is a suite of call center applications that provides database-driven scripted messaging; call recording; directory services; status, event, on-call, and workforce scheduling tools; and event-driven statistical and analytical reporting for console operators as well as enterprise web users. The latest intelligent soft switch provides next-generation software-based telephone switching as well as full-featured voice resources.

IS integrates with disparate systems using an integration engine to bridge communication and collaboration gaps. Some of these integrations include:

Carrier and PBX Integration
IS integrates with telephone carriers and PBX equipment from most vendors to provide a stand-alone fully functional call center environment. The carrier and PBX integration is established using a SIP trunk integration method.

Active Directory/LDAP Integration
IS can be integrated with an Active Directory or other such LDAP data store to provide a streamlined log-in capability by which a user needs only one log-in name and password to access multiple, and often concurrent, applications.

Two-Way HL7 EMR Integration
The Intelligent Series integrates with healthcare electronic medical record (EMR) systems such as Cerner and Epic to send and receive information between the IS platform and the EMR system. This interface can be used to update the IS Directory with real-time patient ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) updates. It also can be used to document patient encounters handled by operators by documenting each encounter in the EMR platform to become a record within the patient’s electronic medical record.

Web Service API Integration
IS includes an Application Program Interface (API) Web Service that enables external applications to access the power and flexibility of the Intelligent Series applications and the system database. The Intelligent Series Web Service can be accessed using both REST (representational state transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) programming methods.

Vocera Messaging Integration
IS integrates with the Vocera Messaging Interface (VMI) and Vocera Messaging Platform (VMP) application programming interface (API) components of the Vocera healthcare communication solution. This interface makes it possible to dispatch text messages to Vocera Badge and Vocera PIVOT smartphone users from IS message scripts.

Rauland Messaging Integration
The Intelligent Series integrates with the Rauland Responder IV and Responder 5 components of the Rauland-Borg critical communications solution offerings. This interface makes it possible for the IS platform to receive patient, bed, room, and similar alerts from the Rauland platform for dispatch to healthcare providers and care teams by IS message scripts.

Cisco IP Phone Messaging Integration
The Intelligent Series integrates with the Cisco IP (Internet Protocol) wireless mobile phones through the RISService70 (Real Time Information Service Port) web service component of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution. This interface makes it possible to dispatch text messages to Cisco IP Phone users from IS message scripts.

Secure Messaging App Integration
Amtelco’s secure messaging app integrates seamlessly with IS to bring secure messaging and paging services to mobile devices. The Amtelco Secure Messages solution uses an encrypted web service to send secure messages to Android™ and Apple® iOS devices, as well as a secure web application to communicate with office staff. The app can be tailored to meet each site’s secure messaging and paging needs, and is available as an on-site solution and as a cloud-based subscription service.

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