8 Steps for a Successful Call Center Software Implementation

Team of employees working on call center software implementation project

Are you in the process upgrading your call center software? Implementing new call center software is a huge project with various steps and time involved. The following steps will help prepare your staff and equipment for a smooth transition

  1. Attain staff buy-in. While some of your staff may be eager to upgrade systems, others may not be as excited when it comes to change and learning new technology. Explain the benefits of the upgrade and how it will improve their experience at work. Ask your technology partner for references from other customers to learn how others overcame obstacles to implementation.
  2. Coordinate a project team. A team of dedicated employees that are available for the upgrade will help ensure resources are available and all bases are covered. Assistance with data entry and directory file build will be needed and the availability of these resources will dictate your project timeline.
  3. Ensure your IT is ready to go. Verify that your telephony or telecom vendor has all the necessary interfaces in place. If you’re moving from a paper-dominated system, you will want to make sure there are enough computers on site that are capable and ready to run the new software.
  4. Third-party interfaces. Identify any third-party software interfaces that may need to be amended for the new system.
  5. Prepare files for import. Ask your vendor for templates to follow so that your data can be mapped correctly to your new system.
  6. Perform test cuts. Test cuts are essential for a successful implementation. Test cuts give agents the opportunity to receive live experience. The system can be tested with live calls. You can evaluate and make any changes needed before going live.
  7. Separate releases. You’ll reduce the impact to your employees and customers when you separate the releases of your web server, directory, and operations. Schedule your releases on the weekdays if possible. Scheduling your launch over the weekend will generally lead to additional costs and reduced support.
  8. Assure your staff they will have thorough training. A group of superusers will receive remote or on-site training. In return, they will coordinate training for the end-users. Ask your vendor about future support after training has concluded.

The way your call center system operates internally and externally is vital to the success of your business. Choose a partner who is with you throughout the whole process, and who has the experience to anticipate any bumps along the way.

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