Amtelco Announces New Software Release

Amtelco, a trusted leader in the Contact Center and Enterprise Critical Communications industries,
announces release of Intelligent Series 5.6.

MCFARLAND, Wisconsin – February 21, 2024 —Today, Amtelco announced the release of version 5.6 for their Intelligent Series (IS) suite of contact center applications.

This release includes new features for IS Supervisor 5.6, Soft Agent 5.6, and miTeamWeb 5.6. New features include:

  • ANI and Geolocation Data Forwarding: Caller ANI (Automatic Number Identification or Caller ID) and, if available, caller geolocation data are copied when patching a call. This enables the recipient to see with whom they are connected and from where the original caller is calling.
  • Cloud Storage Page: This page has been added to view and edit cloud storage information.
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Behavior: The behavior enables a Client to accept calls from PERS or ADEMCO devices.
  • Save Keyword Response Element: This provides a way to locate messages by searching for keywords.
  • The addition of New Station Types, Call Types, Call State, and Agent Tracker Types.

“The new features that our highly anticipated 5.6 update enables more opportunities to custom-fit our software to meet the unique communication needs of any organization,” said Tom Curtin, CEO/Chairman of Amtelco. “These updates have been designed to be a time-saver for staff and unify communications.”

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