Amtelco’s Web Agent Allows Customization with Agent Styles

Female call center agent using customized call center software to answer calls

Supervisors can customize the way their agents interact with the Genesis Web Agent application while they speak with callers. Supervisors can configure the theme, keyboard layouts, Status Lights, and the Sidebar of Web Agent with IS Agent Styles.

Themes change the colors on the screen of Genesis Web Agent and change certain shapes by making them more rounded or angular. There are 20 themes to choose from.

Keyboard layouts are customizable key combination assignments that can be used as shortcuts to perform actions. The keyboard layout can be customized with labels and colors that can be displayed on the Web Agent screen.

Status Lights are optional third-party hardware that can be used to show if an agent needs help, is not ready to take calls, has a disconnected call on their screen, and more. Status Lights can be set to 7 colors and 3 effects.

The Sidebar settings enable Web Agent to automatically expand specific components when open and to lock certain components to keep them from closing.

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