Assessing Call Center Agent Performance

Assess agents’ productivity to improve their performance, improve customer retention rates, eliminate unproductive processes and systems, and address sources of agent frustration with the Intelligent Series (IS) Agent Assessment feature.

A pre-built web script is provided for Supervisors to assess their agents based on a series of customizable questions. The IS Agent Assessment feature is available in the Soft Agent, Web Agent, and Intelligent Series Supervisor applications.

What are the Elements of IS Agent Assessment?

The IS Agent Assessment feature includes the following elements:

  • The IS Agent Assessment Script contains all the components needed for the script to function. The customizable script is accessed through a hyperlink that is displayed in the call log.
  • The Microsoft SQL Server Database is installed on your SQL server and is used to store the information gathered from the IS Agent Assessment Script.
  • The IS Agent Assessment Administration Web is a user interface that enables Supervisors to manage assessments. Supervisors can easily create new assessments, add and remove questions, and customize the weight of the questions. Assessments can be assigned to specific clients and a default assessment can be used for clients who are not assigned a specific assessment. All these functions can be performed from the user-friendly interface without having to access the database directly or modify the script itself. The script can support as many questions as needed.

User-Friendly Supervisor Interface

Questions for specific assessments can be added, edited, and deleted from the Assessment Questions page. Every created assessment is displayed beneath the Assessment Name, no matter which Supervisor built the assessment.

Linking Assessment to Clients

The Link Assessments to Clients page is used to link clients to a specific assessment. Clients can only be linked to one assessment, but clients can be removed from an assessment to be linked to another assessment.

Reviewing Assessment Data

Data can be reviewed about recent assessment scores in the Agent Assessment Data screen. The information displayed includes the name of the agent that was assessed, who assessed the agent, the client number on which the call was taken, the name of the client, the score the agent received, the date the call was taken, and the total length of the call.

The total score will show the number of points the agent received out of the total number of points possible, followed by the score as a percent. An N/A (Not Applicable) check box is available to select when points for that question should be not calculated into the total.

Once the assessment is completed, the results can be emailed or faxed. Assessment scores can also be filtered by different parameters.

Reporting and Analytics

Quantify and interpret call analytics to improve workflows and provide a better caller experience.