Automated, Emergency, and Mass Notifications

A doctor views a mass notification she received on her cell phone.

Automated notification and reminder communications can help healthcare organizations be sure that every resource is utilized to its full potential and reach more staff personal in less time. Notifications for emergencies, events, changes in weather, or for everyday reminders can instantly be sent to designated recipients using Amtelco’s Secure Messages app, Vocera badges, IP phones from Cisco and Spectralink, SMS, e-mail, & more.

Using Interoperable Integration Engines for Automated Dispatching

Amtelco’s integration engine, named MergeComm, is a SQL-based Intelligent Series (IS) platform application that streamlines inbound and outbound communications, making sure the correct resources are being notified in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment. MergeComm adds automated dispatching scenarios to IS, is completely scalable, and works seamlessly with Amtelco’s suite of call center applications, as well as with the offerings of other vendors.

The primary role of MergeComm is to facilitate automated communications. MergeComm’s dispatch scenarios can run automatically based on inbound triggers such as HL7 and email messages, can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis, initiated by an operator in a call center, initiated by a web user running a web script, or initiated by a third-party application.

Scripting is at the heart of MergeComm. IS scripts can have a MergeComm branch that includes all of the functions necessary to be performed on an automated basis upon receipt of an inbound trigger. Scripts that require operator interaction can be set to create a dispatch job to present to an operator.

Emergency and Mass Notifications

Amtelco’s mass notification feature makes it possible for an organization to be better prepared for planned and unplanned events, such as natural disasters, emergencies, service outages, meetings and other instances when large groups, small groups, and individuals need to be notified quickly and accurately.

The web-based, script-driven IS feature combines the accuracy of preprogrammed automated call dialing with the power of text-to-speech translation and the ease of web accessibility to quickly contact the appropriate personnel, such as contacting designated care team staff about a code call, a network service outage, or an area-wide natural disaster. The system can be administered from any computer equipped with a web browser and a connection to the Internet.

It is capable of notifying individuals using multiple contact methods, including phone calls, numeric pagers, alpha pagers, email, cellular phones, Amtelco Secure Messages, Vocera servers, and Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging. A contact list can be created for each individual using their preferred contact method, defining the elapsed time between each contact attempt, and escalating to another individual or group of individuals in the event that the primary person is not reached.

Notifications with Amtelco Secure Messages

Amtelco Secure Messages is a HIPAA and HITECH compliant messaging app for use on Android™ and Apple® iOS devices, as well as a secure web application. Healthcare organizations can seamlessly integrate the app with different communication systems (nurse call, alarms, security, building maintenance, lab results, housekeeping, and more) to receive notifications faster. The app can be used on mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Emergency Notifications

Our reliable emergency notification system helps to reduce response times by using automated notifications to communicate critical alerts.