Auto Scheduler Simplifies On-Call Scheduling

Nurse manager schedules on-call staff using Auto Scheduler.

Being on-call is part of the job for many healthcare professionals. Scheduling your on-call workforce shouldn’t be a burden. There are sophisticated tools available that can enable your staff to quickly and automatically generate complex schedules.

Our Auto Scheduler is a web-based scheduling engine that simplifies the process of creating complex schedules for your medical care teams and departments. The Auto Scheduler helps you meet the diverse needs of each group and department and integrates with the information in Amtelco Directories to automate the process of creating schedules.

The flexibility of the Auto Scheduler helps you quickly fill schedules for on-call, department staff, volunteer staff, and more. Build complete schedules with the Auto Scheduler or generate a portion of a schedule that you can manually complete.

Customize to Meet Your Needs

Auto Scheduler includes several scheduling widgets that show helpful details such as scheduled shifts, assigned shifts, unassigned shifts, average hours, and resources. Set up your schedules to rotate for even coverage, and use convenient drag-and-drop scheduling.

Convenient Viewing Options

The Auto Scheduler adapts to meet the specific needs of each organization and individual team members, giving them fast online access. Users can see information for their entire group with the Team view and a Personal view, which shows their schedules. For both views, each user can customize specific widgets to display, along with the size and placement for each.

It’s easy to quickly identify filled, partially filled, or unfilled schedules with Auto Scheduler’s distinctive color-coding. Users can easily switch between monthly, weekly, and daily views.

A Streamlined Process

By customizing a few settings, the Auto Scheduler quickly builds schedules using:

  • Shifts: Outline the various shifts you need for teams and departments with start and end times for each.
  • Roles: Enter the roles needed for each schedule, such as a primary physician, attending physician, pediatric nurse, cardiac nurse, and ER nurse.
  • Rules: Set up the essential rules, such as the number of days off needed before being assigned again, the number of assignments per day, minimum and maximum hours per shift, and the number of consecutive days allowed, such as 5 days on and 2 days off.
  • Resources: Include contact information, days and hours available, applicable roles, and specific rules for each team member.

Create Schedules With One Click

Use Auto Scheduler’s Auto-Assign button to generate a monthly schedule automatically.  You can use the Assign and Un-Assign buttons to modify the schedule as needed, ensuring they meet staff members’ requirements.

Enterprise-wide Integration

The schedules created with the Auto Scheduler are available to your entire enterprise, helping ensure your agents and staff always contact the scheduled team members using their preferred contact method, based on the current day and time. Any updates made in the Auto Scheduler are available as soon as they are published.

On-Call Scheduling

Our seamless on-call scheduling is built right into the contact center software your operators already use.