The Benefits of Operator Scripting by Carolyn Sonnefeld of The Cleveland Clinic

Operator using scripting.

Operator scripting has many benefits. Not only does it reduce the numerous errors of the past, it can also automate the process, and give the calls a personal feel. It has enhanced the ability to put protocol in place. Amtelco’s call center agent scripting elements make the process versatile so that any scenario can be done easily. You are creating a path that the operator has no choice but to follow.

Scripting has taken a lot of the thought process away from the operators and can be done more efficiently with less keystrokes. There was a time when it could be very strenuous for an operator to make so many decisions. Now, all the operator must do is follow the script. Because of this, training can be reduced and operators can start being productive much sooner. Not only can training times be reduced, but call talk times as well.

One of the greatest things about scripting is the operator sees something that looks very simple, all the work is done behind the scenes for them. Operator scripting can really improve communications of a hospital as well, emergency calls take seconds to complete. Other resources and products can also be integrated into Amtelco’s operator scripting.

Authored by: Carolyn Sonnefeld, System Analyst II for The Cleveland Clinic


Reduce errors and speed up onboarding with customizable scripts to guide operators through every situation.