Colocating Your Call Center System

Colocated Call Center Server

There have been many advances in communications technology in the last decade that are responsible for many changes in the telemessaging industry. These advances have allowed call centers to use remote agents and to downsize pricey office space. Some call centers are now 100% virtual.

Technology makes it possible for call centers to operate DID numbers from all over the US and Canada, allowing them to compete nationally and internationally. These same changes enable telemessaging vendors to offer fully hosted solutions, along with off-site back-up and colocation solutions to their customers.

One option to consider is a colocation data center. This will improve the reliability of your telephone and Internet connectivity and your electrical power.

When using a telephony solution at a data center, you’ll want to make sure your telephony provider delivers a “Meet Me” telephone line. The “Meet Me” line is terminated at the phone company Central Office and the data center provides the information to connect the phone line to its SONET ring. The data center can then run the phone connection into your rack.

The biggest challenge in co-locating your technology is finding the right data center. Data centers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Also, when looking at co-locating your system, check with your system provider. Call center solution providers that offer hosted solutions will have the resources to co-locate your hardware and to fully support your system.

Cloud Contact Center

Ensure that you always have up-to-date applications and regular professional server maintenance by running a cloud contact center.