Convenient and Automated On-Call Scheduling Software Solution

Highlighted Feature

Automate and simplify the scheduling of your on-call coverage using Amtelco’s Auto Scheduler feature. Auto Scheduler provides accurate scheduling, saving time and the hassle of this tedious process.

Schedules can be conveniently adjusted to accommodate days off, holidays, assignment rotations, and any other special requests. Shifts can also be manually assigned to individuals, which are considered when schedules are auto-generated. Generate and publish schedules to the live on-call schedule in seconds.

View Statistical Information

The Dashboard page displays statistical information about the on-call schedule and auto-generated runs. Information is displayed through several available widgets. Your dashboard layout can be can customized (remove, add, and rearrange widgets) to display the information that is most important to you.

Automated Scheduler Dashboard

The following information (based on the last schedule generated) is available to view on the dashboard:

  • Average number of hours individuals were scheduled.
  • Total number of shifts assigned.
  • Percentage of all shifts that were successfully assigned.
  • A list of individuals eligible to be assigned to shifts in the selected Schedule. A Search field is also included to help locate information in the list.
  • The number of shifts that were unable to be assigned.
  • View a calendar with colder-coded information about each day’s current shift assignments.
  • The total number of individuals that were available to be assigned shifts.

Using Shifts to Fill Schedules

The Shifts page displays information about all shift templates that have been specified. When the Auto Scheduler generates schedules, it will attempt to fill the shifts based on their order, from top to bottom. If there’s a shift you don’t want auto-assigned, you can select it to be excluded from the process.

Generating and Viewing Schedules

Using the Scheduling page, you can view shifts and auto-assign individuals to shifts. A calendar pane provides a quick view of on-call coverage for each day of the month. Shift information can be viewed by month, week, or day.

Color-coding is used to make it easy for you to quickly identify specific dates and shifts that are filled, partially filled, or unfilled.

  • Red represents shifts that have not been assigned.
  • Green represents shifts that have been assigned.
  • Gold represents that at least one shift, but not all shifts, for the day have been assigned.

Rules Help Compile Accurate Schedules

Rules control how Auto Scheduler compiles the schedule. All rules that have been created for the selected schedule can be viewed on the Rules page. Rules can be added, edited, and deleted.

When creating rules, you can specify all the rules you want the Auto Scheduler to follow when generating schedules, such as:

  • Specialty days that have different rules than normal days.
  • Shifts that can only be assigned to certain roles or individuals.
  • Rotating schedules for specific shifts during a specified time frame.
  • The number of days, hours, and shifts that can be assigned to individuals.
  • The types of shifts or range of scheduled hours individuals can be assigned.
  • How much time individuals must have off between any shifts and between shifts of specific types.

When auto-filling the schedule, the Auto Scheduler will try to rotate through each individual that is available for a role and also take into account all rules.

User-Friendly Scheduling Solution for Your Call Center and Clients

The Auto Scheduler is a web-based application, which requires the Intelligent Series (IS) Directory OnCall module. Auto Scheduler makes it easy to extend the scheduling functions throughout your enterprise. Schedulers can be granted access to the Auto Scheduler controls through the miTeamWeb application, which makes it easy to set up and maintain schedules on a department or client level. Data is protected by login names, passwords, and permission levels.

On-Call Scheduling

Our seamless on-call scheduling is built right into the contact center software your operators already use.