Customer Testimonial: Choosing a Reliable Call Center System

Winter storm with electrical lines down

Your call center technology is the heart of your business so a reliable platform and a vendor you can trust are a must. System outages and downtime have a negative impact on your business. There’s not only a risk of financial loss, but your reputation is also at risk.

Amtelco has provided customized call center innovations for over 45 years. Each system comes with a field engineering department that is dedicated to making sure that your system is running smoothly year after year. A one-year support agreement is included with each system, in addition to access to our TechHelper website to download manuals, software updates, and much more.

We encourage each organization to work closely with our team of consultants and engineers through each phase of system planning, configuration, and implementation. This helps ensure that your systems are at their optimum performance levels.

Sharing One Customer’s Experience

“Last week in Central Texas, like many others, we went through a once in a generation storm. We had single digit temperatures for an extended period of time and below freezing weather for several days.

We had just begun using our new Amtelco system two weeks before the storm.

For the first time, we were not 100% reliant on our voice server and internet connection in our office. Having our power and internet connections spread over our remote operators as well as our office allowed us to answer many more calls than we would have been able to do if we were 100% reliant on our office internet connection.

We received over 7,000 calls in a single hour, certainly did not answer them all, but the volume of calls for a small service like ours was astounding. We certainly had our share of problems during the week, but what we did not have were any Amtelco system issues. The system never faltered or crashed under the extended high call volume.

We want to thank all the folks at Amtelco for helping us install and operate a system that could withstand this huge spike in volume.”

Christy Steen – Office Manager
LASER Answering Service, TX

Disaster Recovery

Utilize our business continuity solutions in your contingency plan to ensure seamless contact center operations during an unexpected outage.