Factors to Consider When Selecting New Call Center Software

Hand writing with pen Selecting New Call Center 'Software'

If your current call center software is outdated or inflexible, only you and your team know how much longer you can sustain the challenges. When you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, follow these helpful guidelines of what to look for in a call center system:

Ease of Use and Customization.

Customizable scripting protocols that can be updated instantaneously to give callers accurate information, guide agents through phone calls, and save time when handling routine calls. An intuitive interface and user experience will help to reduce new agent training time.


Being able to share, pass, and store data from one system to another is key for efficient communications in your call center. Making sure your upgraded system is able to integrate with other technology is essential in today’s environment.


Telephone outages, power outages, and natural disasters can happen suddenly and unexpectedly – taking down communications. It’s critical for every call center and contact center to have a business continuity plan in place in the event of a business interruption. Using cloud technology on a virtual server allows calls to be sent to agents off-site in the event of an emergency.

Data Security and Compliance.

Be sure your technology partner is following all required HIPPA compliance rules and has several contingency plans for data security. Know the pros and cons of cloud storage, on-premises data storage, and other managed cloud storage solutions.

Customer Service.

Your vendor should support you as ardently after the sale as they did when they wanted to win your contract. Ask your prospective vendor about their customer care. You may discover some with ultimatums to pay for costly upgrades or increase their service support agreement. Others will assign you with a trouble ticket number and leave you in a queue until it’s your turn. Ask about their first contact resolution (FCR) rate to discover what percentage of their customers have an issue resolved before they hang up the phone.

While upgrading your call center system is no small project, the features and benefits a new and modern system has to offer will make you wish you had tackled the project sooner. Selecting a call center system that will fit your needs now and grow with your business in the future will maximize your return on investment.

Contact Center Software

An efficient platform that streamlines communication and workflows to improve the caller experience and reduce agent frustration is imperative.