A Faster Way to Reach On-Call Personnel

Now you can streamline the process of contacting on-call personnel with Amtelco’s OnCall Connect feature. To use this, physicians, nurses, and staff call an extension, select an on-call resource, and the Smart Paging feature can contact the resource – all without talking to an operator! OnCall Connect saves time for your physicians, nurses, and staff and helps your personnel respond faster.

How OnCall Connect Works

Depending on your specific system configuration, several OnCall Connect options are available. When using Amtelco’s speech recognition feature, for example, the caller first hears an optional greeting and states the name of the on-call schedule, such as “Pediatrics on-call.” Based on the settings for that schedule, the caller is prompted to select a specific Role, such as Charge Nurse. The caller hears the name of the person assigned to that role using the text-to-speech feature.

When the caller selects the resource, OnCall Connect checks the current status of the resource and follows the contact order to reach them. For phone numbers, you can use the Smart Paging feature to contact the designated person. If the resource’s current contact method isn’t a phone number, the caller is prompted to enter a callback number to send to the resource.

Additional Capabilities

Several options let you customize the OnCall Connect setup. The options include:

  • Playing a time-of-day greeting, such as “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” or “Good evening”
  • Playing a customized prerecorded greeting
  • Selecting the specific directory subject and on-call schedule to use
  • Adjusting the speech recognition settings to help ensure the caller’s request is understood

If you use Smart Paging, those behavior settings can also be customized to ensure the OnCall Connect feature follows your protocols.

Contact Center Software

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