Future Roadmap for Amtelco Solutions

In this article, let’s look at future roadmap plans for Amtelco solutions:

Intelligent Series (IS) High Availability is included in the upcoming IS 5.6 release. The High Availability option lets you set up multiple IS and Genesis servers with automated failover. It maximizes uptime and reduces the need for manual intervention in the event of a failure.

Web Supervisor gives supervisors convenient browser-based access to system administration tools. Use the Web Supervisor to easily update directories and on-call schedules, and utilize the simplified and improved browser-based script editor – all from the convenience of a browser!

Speech-Enabled Scripting is a patented automation tool that saves time for callers waiting to speak to an agent. Rather than staying in a queue, the caller can answer prompts based on the script for that phone number, such as what the call is regarding, their name, phone number, and more. If an agent becomes available, the call goes to the agent with the provided information filled in on the script.

New E-mail Authentication Options available in IS 5.6 include the industry standard OAuth authentication. These new alternatives replace Google’s discontinued basic authentication access and make it possible to set up multiple e-mail accounts and choose which e-mail account to use in scripts, MergeComm, and schedules.

IS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a new alternative to single sign-on (SSO) and requires the user to present two or more credentials before allowing the user to log in. This feature provides a new option for protecting your data.

Cloud Storage saves space on your local servers by storing voice and message archive files on your Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. Using this new feature makes it possible to keep your archives for as long as you’d like without worrying about local server drive space.

Cloud Predictive ACD automatically routes calls to agents based on previous call activity, saving time for both callers and agents. The Predictive ACD attempts to match an incoming call with the most appropriate agent by looking at previous call data.

Cloud Caller History gathers data on callers, such as previous call history, caller ID, caller name, caller message, and the agent who handled the last call from the caller, and uses that information to empower agents on future interactions.

miTeamWeb provides fast online and mobile access to on-call schedules, messages, directories, status, reports, and more. Several new miTeamWeb enhancements include:

The miTeamWeb Dashboard makes it possible for call center staff and departments to customize widget layouts for monitoring IS and Genesis activities.

Secure Messaging Apps protect your patient information while enabling efficient care team communication. 

Amtelco Secure Messaging Role-Based Messaging synchronizes on-call schedule shifts and roles with the IS on-call information, giving users a faster way to find and send a message to the provider currently on-call for a specific role.

Contact Center Software

An efficient platform that streamlines communication and workflows to improve the caller experience and reduce agent frustration is imperative.