How Speech Analytics Benefits Your Contact Center

Speech analytics for contact centers

Speech analytics provides a deeper analysis of call recordings. Utilizing speech analytics in your contact center provides more than just a transcript; you’ll receive valuable data for ensuring compliance, improving customer satisfaction, and managing quality assurance.

Ensuring Compliance in Your Contact Center

With various rules and regulations to abide by, speech analytics helps to ensure compliance in your contact center. Any personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or driver’s license numbers, your contact center handles is of utmost importance to keep secure for your clients and their customers. Speech analytics software helps your organization maintain compliance with Payment Card Information Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), HIPAA, and other regulations by recognizing sensitive information and automatically removing it.

Speech analytics can also be used for script compliance. You can search and identify specified keywords or phrases that include any compliance-related disclaimers to determine if agents are using the correct terminology.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction is a top priority for many contact centers and other businesses. Speech analytics enables supervisors to search for custom keywords or phrases your organization classifies as positive or negative. Using this information, they can quickly identify any problems for quick resolution. Agent and customer sentiment (volume, pace, and pitch for example) is evaluated to further analyze the customer experience and predict customer needs.

Managing Quality Assurance

Charts, reports, and transcripts are provided to help manage quality assurance in your contact center. Data can be customized and refined to meet your business needs. Quickly identify areas for improvement in your scripts or ACD call routing. Pinpoint areas for additional agent training with agent performance statistics that rate politeness, professionalism, communication skills, compliance, and effectiveness.

Intelligent Solution for Your Contact Center

Implementing speech analytics in your contact center offers many benefits. Streamline business operations and gain insight into new opportunities with powerful and detailed analytics.

Contact Center Software

An efficient platform that streamlines communication and workflows to improve the caller experience and reduce agent frustration is imperative.