Introducing Active Insights Metric Measuring Solution

Active Insights Dashboard

Hospital contact centers are the communication hubs for health systems, and they generate a lot of data. Our newest metric measuring solution, Active Insights, is our first native cloud-specific development to quantify and interpret call analytics to ultimately provide a better patient experience.

Active Insights automatically rates calls using customized scoring scripts, provides detailed statistics, gives the ability to access screen and call recordings associated with stored calls, and generate call transcripts from call recordings. These customizable metrics are run as needed in real-time or can be scheduled to streamline agent workflows, improve operator performance, and contribute to frictionless patient experiences.

Save Time and Space

  • You don’t need dedicated servers for storing data or use IT time to manage them.
  • Keep your database small by using Active Insights as a next generation data storage and analytics tool. Active Insights has been purposefully built as a data storage solution. Offload your data from the live system database to keep it optimized and focused on call processing rather than storing call recording, screen captures, messaging, etc. for months at a time.
  • Because Active Insights is a stand along solution, it provides a major benefit – being able to perform continuous deployment with zero downtime!
    • As new features and enhancements come out, Amtelco can push them to deployment and our customers see them as they come out. We don’t have to schedule a time to take your server down, take your operators offline, or impact your operation in any way. There is no impact on your call handling because it’s continuous deployment.
    • Because we aren’t taking the core Intelligent Series system down, it greatly improves our ability to roll things out much quicker for a more efficient process.


  • HIPAA-compliant.
  • Everything is stored in an S3 bucket and encrypted at rest and in transit.

Actionable Data

  • There is saved message data, call log data, screen recordings, statistical data, and more you can use and present to call center management. Evaluate how agents are doing on their calls (such as ensuring the answer phrase and other wording you always want your operators to say are being said).
    • Replace manual scoring and live call listening with an automated call scoring process.
    • Scoring results available for accurate answer phrases, grammar (avoiding words like yup, yep, nope, yeah, ain’t, okey dokey), manners (using words such as thank you and please), negative words (um), and ending call words, phrases, or scripts (closing each call with thank you, have a great day, etc.).
    • Customizable for different calls. For example, code calls can be evaluated to determine if the agent announced they are paging the code team, asked for patient status, code location, etc.
  • Post-call scores include metrics listed above as well as agent answer times, caller satisfaction level, and more.
  • Score transcripts can match phrases said by the agent, caller, or both.
    • You can set positive and negative word parameters.
  • Filter search data for precise inquiries.
  • Take all the data and look at the “big picture” using the interactive Dashboard.
    • All the scores automatically get added to the Dashboard which can be viewed remotely via Web Agent.
    • Metrics are displayed as color-coded graphs and dynamic widgets.
    • Produce an agent score card and export it as a PDF.

Reporting and Analytics

Quantify and interpret call analytics to improve workflows and provide a better caller experience.