An Introduction to miTeamWeb: Contact Center Workforce Management Application

miTeamWeb is a mobile-friendly interface that extends the functionality of Amtelco’s contact center applications. miTeamWeb enables your clients, staff, and business associates to access messaging, directory information, on-call scheduling, call log monitoring, and reporting. Information can be easily accessed from a web browser, either through the Internet or your company’s internal intranet.

By using miTeamWeb in your organization, users can view and update their status, read and send messages, access directory information, and view and administer on-call schedules. Users can also contact other users via a range of methods, including e-mail, Amtelco Secure Messages, SMS text messaging, pager, fax, and Vocera messaging.

Customizable User-Interface Screens

The miTeamWeb Home page displays information in mobile-friendly applications called widgets. Your system administrators can design custom layouts for each of your clients. If enabled, users can customize their own Home page layout to provide fast access to display the information that is most useful to them. Custom widgets can also be created by using HTML code provided by other websites.

Convenient Access to Directory Information, Messages, and Call Recordings

Users have access to directories, statuses, scripted messaging, contact information, and messages. miTeamWeb users can conveniently look up staff members to view their directory information or send them a message – straight from miTeamWeb. Administrative and self-edit permissions are available to enable users to edit information in the Directory.

Your contact center agents can view your client’s messages, search and play call recordings, and access screen capture videos. Agents have the option to annotate, resume, close, or download messages. Filter buttons provide easy access to search all call recordings.

Efficient Group Messaging

Group Messaging enables users to efficiently create and send messages to personalized groups of contacts. Multiple contacts can be selected by their role, listing, or directory search results and saved to a group. While the personalized groups are only available to the user who creates them, Workstation Groups are saved to the workstation’s web browser cookies. Any user who logs into miTeamWeb on the same workstation and web browser can access Workstation Groups.

Streamlines Your Contact Center On-Call Scheduling

miTeamWeb offers agents a quick way to create, view, and edit on-call schedules from virtually anywhere. You’ll find our on-call scheduling software solution provides a powerful and customizable scheduling and workforce management tool.

Our on-call scheduling system:

  • Notifies a manager in advance about unfilled schedules
  • Adds on-call schedules to personal and mobile calendars
  • Separates schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors
  • Provides automated, real-time updates

Your agents can easily create, view, and update schedule coverage for any department on any day, week, or month. Accurate and accessible on-call scheduling information is imperative for providing better care, improving workflows, increasing efficiencies, and eliminating costly errors. Benefits of using miTeamWeb’s scheduling solution include:

  • Efficiently import on-call schedule information directly from third-party scheduling applications.
  • Automatically set schedule imports to run at off-peak times to save valuable contact center time and resources.
  • Simplify workforce management with customizable shifts, roles, and statuses.
  • Allow users to easily design schedules that meet each client’s specific needs.
  • Monitor employee and staff workloads by checking the totals for the selected month, week, and day.
  • Enable users to request open on-call schedules or swap shifts with other users.

Convenient Reporting

The Reports page gives users the ability to run reports based on their account activity. Report access is limited per client which is controlled through permission groups settings.

On-call schedules are archived for later review, enabling managers to create quality assurance reports and other custom reports that include:

  • All schedule changes and overrides
  • A complete audit trail of all schedule updates
  • Who was notified and at what time they were notified

Reports can be viewed in a web browser, downloaded to a file, and printed depending on the user’s browser settings.

Dispatch Monitoring

Integrating with MergeComm, agents can monitor dispatches and respond to notifications in miTeamWeb.

The Dispatch Board is an interactive display that can be used with MergeComm Auto Dispatch jobs to view dispatch progress for individual contacts and to handle failed notification attempts.

The board includes a summary header that shows the progress of the dispatch job. The header indicates the number of contact attempts that are in progress, the number that require attention, and the number that are completed.

Each Contact Method involved in the dispatch process for the contact is listed in a color-coded box.

  • Red represents incomplete dispatch attempts.
  • Gold represents attempts that are awaiting confirmation.
  • Green represents attempts that are confirmed.

Fully Integrated Contact Center Application

The miTeamWeb application was designed to keep up with today’s technology and your contact center’s needs. Your employees and clients will find the application to be simple, flexible, and easy to use. Improve team collaboration and streamline workflows by providing remote and secure access to the information your employees and clients need at any time – from virtually anywhere.

Mobile Workforce

Mobile-friendly workforce collaboration tools improve workflows because employees find the information they need without interrupting co-workers or other departments.