Maintain Essential Call Handling Functions with Genesis Emergency ACD

Genesis Emergency ACD for call handling functions

Automatically maintain essential call handling functions with the Genesis Emergency ACD. The Genesis Emergency ACD takes effect if a client application—such as Amtelco’s Intelligent Series and Telescan’s Prism II—becomes disconnected from the Genesis platform. Utilizing the Genesis Emergency ACD ensures that calls are not dropped if the connection to the client application is lost. In response to a lost connection, the Genesis Intelligent Soft Switch automatically routes calls to a pre-arranged queue named for the client application. Calls are handled in the following manner:

  • The Emergency ACD distributes calls on a round-robin, one call at a time basis, with calls being routed to Emergency Agents in the order that they are received by the Genesis Intelligent Soft Switch.
  • Emergency Agents are created in the Genesis system configuration and are assigned to specific applications for which they are assigned calls when the Emergency ACD controls call distribution.
  • Each client application has a pre-assigned Genesis behavior that governs what happens when a call reaches an application queue.
  • If there are no Emergency Agents, Genesis can play a text-to-speech announcement prior to hanging up.

Disaster Recovery

Utilize our business continuity solutions in your contingency plan to ensure seamless contact center operations during an unexpected outage.