Identify Overlooked Messages with the Message Survey Feature

The Message Survey feature provides supervisors and agents with the ability to locate and deal with messages that may have been overlooked during a work shift, business day, or another time frame. The Message Survey is available in both the Soft Agent and Intelligent Series (IS) Supervisor applications.

  • In Soft Agent, the Message Survey feature can be used to quickly locate and navigate to Clients that have undelivered messages, outstanding Specials, expired dispatch jobs, or un-played voice messages.
  • In IS Supervisor, the survey results can be printed as they appear on-screen and exported to a text file for external processing.

Working with the Message Survey Feature

The Message Survey presents a list of Clients with active pending Dispatch Jobs, expired Dispatch Jobs, undelivered messages, delivered messages, undelivered Specials, delivered Specials, un-played Voice Mail messages, and played Voice Mail messages. Each type of message is displayed as a column that can be clicked to sort on that message type.

Clients can be excluded from the Message Survey by selecting the “Exclude Client from Message Survey” option on the General Info page of Client Setup.

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