A New Way to Limit Access to Sensitive Client Information

Do you have sensitive information or messages in your database and would like to restrict access by specific staff, departments, or groups using the same system?

Amtelco’s Client Security feature can help!

The new Intelligent Series (IS) Client Security feature lets you assign who can and cannot access specific information. The IS Client Security feature is one of many new features available with IS Version 5.5, which was released in December.

Client Security determines who can access Client information in:

  • Soft Agent
  • Web Agent
  • miTeamWeb
  • IS Supervisor
  • Web scripts

You’ll find the Client Security settings in the IS Permission Groups. After setting up your various groups, such as Supervisors, Shift Leaders, Operators, Staff, and Web Users, you can select which Client accounts each Permission Group has access to. You can ‘Enable All Clients’ for complete access or select individual Client accounts.

Find out more

Learn how to set up Client Security on Amtelco’s TechHelper online support resource.

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