Operator Console Interfaces

Contact center agents look at the user interface on their operator console.

Soft Agent

Soft Agent is the agent workstation interface for the latest soft switch component of Amtelco’s Intelligent Series (IS) suite of applications. The Soft Agent application can also be integrated with switches provided other vendors to provide console services.

Integration of Soft Agent with other IS applications provides the enterprise with access to Amtelco’s call center solutions, including intelligent operator consoles, contact center agents, agent scripting and call-flow navigation, web scripting and workflow navigation, Sandbox directory lookup with quick answer/transfer, messaging, on-call scheduling, and encrypted mobile device paging.

Soft Agent is a revolutionary approach to streamlining the activities of contact center agents by making any information available with just a few keystrokes, and includes a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based soft phone and switch-specific Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) control of the agent state during call handling.

Web Agent

Amtelco’s Web Agent application is a web browser-based telephone agent interface for the most recent IS call center platform. Web Agent enables agents to process multi-channel calls from a web browser using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The Web Agent application uses WebRTC to provide agent audio in a secure, multi-media environment.

Web Agent is a fully functioning call handling application that performs directory searches, scripted messaging, dispatching, and provides access to call log recordings, web content, and on-call schedules. The agent experience can also be enhanced through customization of themes and keyboard layouts.


The Intelligent Series offers the advanced browser-based miTeamWeb web user interface that extends the IS applications to all areas of the enterprise. This includes web directory, web on-call scheduling, message inbox, web reporting, web scripting, call log, and more.

The widget-based miTeamWeb screen is mobile-friendly and can be configured to present the information each individual user needs in a layout that each user prefers. miTeamWeb provides different widgets at each user site, depending on the features licensed to the site and how the system administrator configures the default appearance of the application.

Amtelco Secure Messages

The optional Amtelco Secure Messages secure messaging application is fully integrated with IS to bring customized secure messaging and paging services to mobile devices. The app is available as an on-site solution and as a cloud-based subscription service.

Amtelco Secure Messages can be initiated by enterprise staff via a web interface and a mobile device app, and by call center operators using Soft Agent or Web Agent. The app does not have the character limits of SMS text messaging, and is a secure method for transmitting text, images, audio, and video files.

Operator Consoles

Reduce call times, eliminate operator keystrokes, improve call metrics, and optimize call processing to ensure that critical calls are prioritized.