Allow Clients to Connect to Parked Calls Automatically with Genesis Park Line Pickup

The Genesis Park Line Pickup feature allows an agent or a script to park a call to a special ACD Skill to await a call back from a contact. Before parking the call, the script or agent pages the requested contact and provides a park extension. The contact can call into the park extension to be automatically connected to the caller.

Parking a Call for Park Line Pickup

When an agent uses the script to page a contact person and park a call, the park extension is stored and is sent to the contact person whom the caller wants to reach.

When the contact calls the park extension configured for the Park Line Pickup behavior, IS Voice Services plays the optional greeting if one is configured.

If there is only one parked call for the park extension, the contact is connected to the caller automatically.

If there is more than one parked call for the park extension, IS Voice Services announces a digit and the Park Message for each call that is parked for the Client Number or park extension. The contact presses the digit associated with one of the calls to be connected to the caller.

Agents are also able to park calls manually using the Park to Skill Group command.

Configuring Your System for Park Line Pickup

In order to use Park Line Pickup with the park extensions, Amtelco Field Engineering must configure your Intelligent Series (IS) system. Contact Amtelco Field Engineering at the telephone number listed in your service contract, or at (800) 553-7679 for contract customers and at (608) 838-6327 for non-contract customers.

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