Phone Call Monitoring Software Promotes Efficient Call-Handling

Highlighted Feature: EZ Waits Monitor

Managing the call queue to ensure calls are being answered in a timely manner can be a tedious task for your supervisors. Amtelco’s Intelligent Series (IS) EZ Waits Monitor phone call monitoring software helps by displaying information in a customizable format with settings and features to promote efficient call-handling.

Monitoring Your Calls in Queue

The EZ Waits Monitor is divided into two tables that can be customized to show or hide a variety of information about waits and stations.

A ‘Critical Time’ setting can be configured so that any calls with a longer wait time than the specified time play a sound and display a flashing color. This gives your supervisors a heads-up for those thresholds that are not being met.

Any Emergency Calls and Code Calls in queue can also be configured to play a sound and display a flashing color.

The agent stations displayed can be filtered by ACD group, and the ‘Time Format’ setting enables custom formatting of data that is measured in seconds.

Temporary ACD Groups Help Maintain Efficient Call-Handling

Supervisors can temporarily designate selected agents to other ACD Groups when needed due to call volume and staffing needs. On a particularly busy day, agents can temporarily be assigned to help take calls for a select ACD group where they are needed most.

Monitoring and Assisting Agents

Supervisors can access the Op See window from EZ Waits. With the Op See feature, supervisors can monitor and assist agents as they handle lives calls. The Op See monitor displays everything happening on the selected agent’s computer screen as they are processing calls, which is a great tool for assisting agents when they are training or need guidance.

Efficient Software Solutions for Your Contact Center

The EZ Waits monitor is just one of many features available in the Intelligent Series (IS) platform designed for processing calls more efficiently. Contact us for more information about our contact center solutions.