Predictive Intelligence Saves Time and Eliminates Errors

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Predictive Intelligence uses the ANI (automatic number identification) from the call to recognize previous callers. Predictive Intelligence determines who is calling and predicts the most likely reason why they are calling based on the caller’s past calls.

How Does Predictive Intelligence Manage Calls?

On incoming calls, Predictive Intelligence checks its specialized database and uses the ANI to identify previous callers. The first time an individual places a call to a Predictive Intelligence account, the Predictive Intelligence script prompts the agent to gather the caller’s contact information. The caller’s name, address, and reason for calling are saved in the database with the caller’s ANI.

If the same individual places another call to the account, the Predictive Intelligence script automatically retrieves the caller’s contact information based on the ANI and prompts the agent to verify the caller’s identity.

Once the caller has been identified, the Predictive Intelligence script displays the caller’s contact information along with a drop-down list that shows the reasons why this caller has called before, in order of frequency.

How are Multiple Callers Handled?

When there are multiple callers from the same phone number, Predictive Intelligence sorts the list of callers by the number of times each person has called. The most frequent caller from that ANI is shown at the top of the list. The agent can quickly choose the current caller from the list, and Predictive Intelligence retrieves the caller’s information. For each caller, the list of possible reasons for the call is displayed with the most frequent reason for calling at the top of the list. Each caller’s reasons for calling are tracked separately.

Tracking Data

Predictive Intelligence stores information about callers, including the caller’s ANI, name, address, and reasons for previous calls, in a dedicated database. An administration script provides easy access to the database for adding new reasons for calling.

The Components of IS Predictive Intelligence

The Intelligent Series (IS) Predictive Intelligence includes a script template, an administration script, and a Microsoft SQL Server database separate from the IS system database.

  • The script template can be used as the starting point for creating a customized script, or the screens and actions can be copied from the template to an existing script to add Predictive Intelligence functions.
  • The database is installed on your SQL server and is used to track callers and their reasons for calling and to provide information about past calls to the script. The database can be installed multiple times under different names so that each client account has a separate record of calls, callers, and reasons for calling.
  • The administration script is a user interface to allow supervisors to easily create a customized list of reasons for calling without having to access the database directly.

What are the Benefits of Predictive Intelligence?

Predictive Intelligence saves a tremendous amount of time for your agents and for your callers. It eliminates the need for agents to reenter the caller’s information. Agents simply select the reason for the call from the list, helping ensure error-free information. It continues to learn with each call to help improve call handling in your call center or contact center.

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