Proactively Monitor Waiting Calls with the EZ Waits Monitor

Callers don’t like to wait. Reducing wait times for callers is essential to providing the best possible experience for your patients.

The Amtelco Feature of the Month, EZ Waits Monitor, is a customizable monitor that helps you proactively watch waiting calls along with agents logged in. EZ Waits shows real-time information and can be customized to provide the specific information you want to see, including a Critical Time setting which causes a wait to flash if a caller has waited too long.

You can view the EZ Waits Monitor while logged in as a supervisor or as a separate window that you can leave open to see current waits easily. You see calls in waits, who each call is for, the call state (such as ring, hold, or auto-hold), how long the call has been waiting, and the ACD skill group for the call.

You also see the stations logged in and the calls on each agent’s screen, helping you determine if a waiting call could be redirected to an available agent. While viewing EZ Waits, you can freeze the current data when needed to focus on a specific area.

New Features Coming Soon

Several new EZ Waits Monitor additions will be available soon:

  • Temporary ACD Groups – when one ACD group is overwhelmed with calls and another ACD group has very few calls, you can temporarily add one or more agents to an ACD group to help answer calls. This setting stays in effect until the agents log out or until you change the temporary setting.
  • Op See – while viewing the agent in the EZ Waits Monitor, you can quickly switch to the Op See screen view for a particular agent. You then have access to the Op See functionality.