Real-Time Call Center Dashboard Helps Monitor Agent Performance

Highlighted Feature: miTeamWeb Call Center Dashboard

Your call center and contact center staff and clients can view real-time information about automated call distribution (ACD) activities, agent call handling statistics, and Intelligent Series dispatching task with the miTeamWeb Dashboard. Data is provided in both graphic and text formats for easy viewing.

Manage Productivity in Your Call Center

Customizable table chart, bar chart, pie chart, and bubble chart widgets (mobile-friendly applications) are available in the dashboard. Using this data, you can quickly review and monitor real-time agent data, call activity, and station information.

Sounds and Visual Thresholds

Sound options are available to play when calls are sitting in Waits. The Emergency Call Alert setting can be configured to play a siren sound when an emergency client call comes into the system but is currently sitting in waits.

As a visual alert, calls that have been in waits for longer than the set threshold are highlighted in yellow.

ACD Skills and Clients Filter

An “ACD Skill Filter” can be selected so that data only present the waits, calls, and agents that share at least one ACD Skill with the user who is logged into miTeamWeb.

Permission and Settings

You can customize the dashboard screen to display only the information that individual users need. Permission Groups and Agent IDs can be used to control which dashboard elements each agent can access and the functions that they have permission to perform.

Layout permissions are also available for users to configure the layout of their home screen and adjust settings to display information in their preferred format.

Reporting and Analytics

Quantify and interpret call analytics to improve workflows and provide a better caller experience.