Reliable Project Assistance When You Need It

Female associate providing call center contracted services

When a large communications project or merger is on the horizon, you may be overwhelmed and unsure about the cost and liability that comes with hiring temporary in-house or contracted employees to complete the venture. Our Contracted Services option provides trusted resources, expertise, and trained personnel.

What Services Are Available with Contracted Services?

Amtelco’s Contracted Services can provide assistance when your business needs to update technology, is involved in projects such as acquisitions and department mergers, looking for advice about best practices or guidance related to growth and future development, and more.

Site Assessment

  • An evaluation and assessment of your system with a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) report that includes recommendations, timelines, and a quote for the conversion process.
  • A layout of best practices so you have a road map to follow.

Script Assessment Program

  • An in-depth look and evaluation of any or all of your scripts, including existing scripts, and those in development.
  • Recommendations to maximize your features to simplify and create easier scripts for your agents.

Account Conversion

Additional Projects

  • Help with projects such as adding new accounts, updating existing accounts, and department mergers.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing Contracted Services?

Contracted Services provides cost savings on labor, training, insurance and all the expenses that go along with maintaining a full-time employee workforce. Amtelco employees are trained in accordance with HIPAA and HITRUST directives, so companies and healthcare systems can trust Amtelco with client and patient databases, highly confidential information, and work in restricted areas.

Customers consistently report that using Amtelco’s enterprise-wide communication solutions leads to improved client or patient satisfaction, reduced agent training time, fewer communication errors, and increased productivity.