Save Time and Provide Faster Responses with Automated Notifications

Quickly contacting personnel to respond to urgent situations is vital to providing better care for your patients. Amtelco’s MergeComm Integration Engine automates the process by streamlining your inbound and outbound communications. Use MergeComm’s advanced alerting and communication capabilities for both routine and high-priority events.

Notifications Done ‘Right’

Delivering the right message to the right person on the right device at the right time is essential. Easily create scripted workflows that tell MergeComm who to notify, and how to notify each recipient based on the current day and time.

Automated Efficiency

The notification process begins when MergeComm receives an inbound trigger, such as an e-mail, an SMS message, a message from Amtelco Secure Messages, or a TAP message. MergeComm uses your workflows to contact an individual, an entire team, or even the current on-call personnel using your Amtelco On-Call Scheduling data. MergeComm can also be triggered by an operator, a web user running a web script, and several third-party applications.

Use MergeComm to simplify notifications for:

  • ADT (HL7)
  • Bed monitoring devices
  • Bed tracking
  • Health Information Systems (HIS, LIS, RIS)
  • Lab results
  • Nurse call
  • Sepsis alarms
  • STEMI alerts

Learn more

Find out more about MergeComm here and on TechHelper.

Emergency Notifications

Our reliable emergency notification system helps to reduce response times by using automated notifications to communicate critical alerts.