Seamlessly Connect Physicians and Staff Using Amtelco’s Smart Paging

Make it easier for your physicians and staff to contact other team members with Smart Paging. The efficient Smart Paging solution is a phone-based service that uses the recipient’s status to determine how to reach physicians and staff.

An Easy-to-Use Solution

To use Smart Paging, physicians and staff call the Smart Paging extension and enter the identification number for the requested person. Smart Paging uses the Amtelco Directory to find that person and announces the name and current status, such as In Office, Making Rounds, or Out of Office. Smart Paging then prompts the caller to enter a callback number or message.

Convenient Contact Methods

Use Smart Paging to contact personnel via:

  • Phone/cell phone
  • Secure messaging
  • SMS text messaging
  • E-mail
  • TAP paging
  • SNPP paging
  • WCTP paging

Faster Connections

For special phone status options such as ‘Reachable At’ or ‘Referred to Telephone,’ Smart Paging can connect the calling party to the recipient directly rather than prompting for a callback number. If the ‘Covered By’ status is selected, Smart Paging uses that updated information, announces it to the caller, and follows the contact methods for the person covering the shift.

Find Out More

Learn about Smart Paging on TechHelper, the exclusive support resource for Amtelco customers:


Provide your operators with accurate directory information so they have everything they need to communicate clear and concise critical messages.