Send Callers to the Most Qualified Agent Using ACD Skill Groups

Quickly directing callers to an agent for assistance helps your organization provide better patient care. Amtelco’s healthcare contact center software includes built-in automatic call distribution (ACD) capabilities with ACD skill groups to help you accurately send callers to an agent trained to help them. This increases efficiency for both callers and agents, helping improve patient satisfaction.

Personalize to Meet Your Needs

Customizable skill groups are an essential part of Amtelco’s built-in ACD. The flexibility of the Amtelco software makes it possible to set up custom skill groups to handle the specific types of calls your organization receives. You also use skill groups to rank each agent’s call-taking abilities so that new agents take easier calls at first and progress to more advanced skill groups as they gain more experience and confidence.

The possibilities for setting up skill groups are virtually endless, giving you the ability to designate skill levels to help your agents efficiently handle:

  • General main number calls
  • Code calls
  • Patient transfer calls
  • Calls for multilingual agents
  • Calls that need to be dispatched
  • Calls for other departments

Mapping the Call Journey

In addition to skill groups, you can assign priority settings for call types which help control how the calls are distributed. This enables you to determine the importance of getting calls answered quickly versus requiring the call to go to an agent with a matching skill group.

You can also redirect calls to other locations or skill groups for calls that:

  • Haven’t been answered within a specified time
  • Don’t match any of the skill groups for agents that are currently logged in

Detailed Call Settings

You can also decide which agent skill levels are eligible to handle:

  • Ringing calls
  • Answered calls
  • Disconnected calls
  • Check-in calls
  • Dispatch calls

Additional Capabilities

The Amtelco ACD software solution includes many more features to give you precise control of your calls. Watch for more information on upcoming Amtelco Feature of the Month articles!

Learn More

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