Smart Paging: A Better Way for Physicians and Staff to Connect

Do your physicians and staff need a more efficient way to contact each other?

It’s time for Smart Paging, a phone-based service that uses the recipient’s current status to know how to contact physicians and staff.

To use Smart Paging, physicians and staff call the Smart Paging extension and enter the identification number for the requested person. Smart Paging uses the Amtelco Directory to find that person and announces the name and current status to the caller. Smart Paging then prompts the caller to enter a callback number or message.

For phone status options such as ‘Reachable At’ or ‘Referred To Telephone’, Smart Paging can connect the calling party to the recipient directly rather than prompting for a callback number. If the ‘Covered By’ status is selected, Smart Paging uses that updated information, announces it to the caller, and follows the contact methods for the person covering the shift.

Smart Paging’s convenient contact options include:

Hospital Messaging System

On-call physicians and personnel need to be messaged for simple tasks as well as for emergency situations.