Streamlining the Patient Transfer Process

Every healthcare facility strives to provide the best care for their patients. When a patient’s healthcare needs change, transferring the patient to a different facility sometimes becomes the best choice. While transferring a patient in or out of your facility may seem overwhelming, Amtelco has the tools to help you through the process.

A Complete Communications Package

Amtelco’s innovative communication applications are customizable to handle your organization’s specific workflows. While each transfer center has unique protocols, Amtelco has the communication modules to manage the patient transfer process efficiently.

Select the modules you need to organize patient transfers at your facility:

  • Data Collection Scripts – Start by gathering all the vital patient information with Amtelco’s intuitive Guided Scripting, which helps ensure all the necessary questions are asked.
  • Directories – Locate and quickly notify the appropriate care team members with Directories, which provide enterprise-wide and mobile access to detailed physician, staff, and patient information.
  • Conference Calls – Use your existing phone resources to set up conference calls for the key medical personnel throughout the patient transfer process with Conference Bridge.
  • Call Recording – Record inbound, outbound, and conference calls with Call Log so that team members can review what’s happened to help ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Secure Messaging – Save critical time for care teams and make it possible for them to collaborate and safely discuss patient information using Amtelco’s secure HIPAA-compliant device-to-device messaging apps.
  • On-Call Scheduling – Always know who to contact with the On-Call Scheduling module, which always shows the current on-call personnel with their contact information, ensuring agents and staff always notify the correct personnel.
  • Automated Notifications – Provide better patient care when you quickly notify personnel about lab results, alarms, HL7 updates, and other critical messages using automated or on-demand notification solutions.
  • Structured Escalation – When a specific number of responders are required for a particular situation, use Amtelco’s suite of notification tools to escalate from one contact method to another for a recipient, or escalate from one person or group to another until the needed number of personnel have replied.
  • Web and Mobile Access – Amtelco’s miTeamWeb keeps your physicians and staff up to date with fast enterprise-wide online and mobile access to directories, messages, on-call schedules, and more.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting – Throughout the transfer process, Amtelco keeps track of everything that happens, ensuring you have the statistics and data you need during and after the transfer.
  • Optimized Call Handling – The intuitive Web Agent browser-based operator console ensures professional call handling by instantly presenting all the needed information to agents.

Amtelco White Paper: How Effective Call Center Software Improves Patient Transfer Center Workflows

Check out our white paper to learn how a hospital’s call center can improve patient transfer center workflows.


Provide your operators with accurate directory information so they have everything they need to communicate clear and concise critical messages.