Looking for Value-Adds for Your TAS Customers?

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Are you searching for new ways to generate additional revenue from your existing TAS customers? Maybe you want to bring added value to your current portfolio of services and make your customers stickier. Text-enabling landline numbers is a great solution.

What is text-enabling?

Text-enabling allows companies to “turn-on” the text-messaging service on their existing landline business phone numbers. If you have an existing business phone line, you are probably only using it for voice services today. In today’s fast-paced and messaging-centric world, chances are that a customer has tried to text you. Without a text-messaging service enabled, the mobile carriers simply ignore the text-messages that are sent to landline phone numbers.

How many of these messages are your customers missing out on?

Text-enabling allows businesses to both send and receive SMS messages. Number portability and the evolution of the messaging ecosystem have made it possible for businesses to easily use their existing phone number(s) to send SMS text messages. In addition, due to the recent changes with how mobile operators treat SMS from businesses (A2P messaging), text-enabling landlines or business lines is now becoming a best practice.

What are the benefits of text-enabling?

One of the main benefits of text-enabling an existing business landline is simply trusted brand recognition. Due to the increasing number of robocalls, SPAM, and unapproved SMS messages being sent to subscribers, receiving an SMS from a familiar number will ensure proper adoption and interaction with your customers.

Some popular use cases associated with text-enabling are:

  • inbound business inquiries
  • appointment reminders
  • service notifications
  • marketing messages
  • one-off specific messages
  • interactive campaigns
  • customer surveys
  • conversational commerce

Text-enabling process

In most cases, the text-enabling process only takes a few days to complete. This process does not change or modify the existing voice services on the phone number. Messaging and voice services are treated differently, so customers will be able to make and receive voice calls as always. The only difference is your business will be able to send SMS messages to that subscriber/customer and will receive that message with your existing business phone number.

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Gary Olson, the author of this article, is the Director of Sales for Infinite Convergence, a leader in the mobile messaging space. Infinite Convergence provides SMS messaging aggregator services to Amtelco equipment owners. If you have any questions about messaging, please contact Gary at 630-546-1027 or e-mail at gary.olson@infinite.com.

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