Tools to Increase Call Center Efficiency

Increasing call center efficiency is a common goal among call centers. A single software platform for all call center functions, helps to achieve this goal.

Our Genesis multi-channel system is designed to provide an intuitive agent interface that minimizes training, increases efficiency, and reduces errors. This is accomplished through a customizable presentation that is both keyboard and mouse friendly. Agents can connect to calls with a keyboard shortcut that is visually displayed in the call appearance or a mouse click, or the call can be automatically connected.

When agents log in, they are presented with a home screen based on a default client specified in the Intelligent Series (IS) system setup. This enables agents to access tools and information without needing to fetch a call or client to their screens.

The home screen has the following helpful tools and information to increase call center efficiency:

  • Info page with useful links and content
  • Dispatch list displaying pending dispatch jobs
  • Sandbox that provides a quick dial and search entry point
  • Customizable toolbar menu with quick access buttons for common functions
  • Web content displayed within the integrated browser

When agents answer or fetch calls, they are presented with client screens that contain tools and information that is customized for each client based on the same Startup Actions used with the default client. The Startup Actions and Toolbar menu settings can be copied from client to client to provide a consistent presentation of tools and information across clients and agents.

The keyboard layout can be customized to provide agents with a streamlined interface and a customizable Sidebar of widgets is available to agents while they are processing calls.

The Sidebar provides agents with the ability to view real-time call center statistics such as:

  • Calls in waits
  • Average time to answer
  • Number of other agents logged in
  • Pending dispatch jobs
  • Ability to record Perfect Answer greetings

Convenient mobile interface

Call center applications and data can be extended beyond the call center with our mobile interface. The miTeamWeb interface provides a mobile friendly presentation, allowing users with smartphones and tablets to navigate the screens just as easily as desktop users.

Both interfaces provide the ability to:

  • View and initiate messages
  • Access and update directories and on-call schedules
  • Perform status updates
  • Run reports
  • Search for and play call log recordings

Providing a single point of web and mobile access for all your call center applications and data will help to increase your call center’s efficiency. A customizable home screen layout of widgets provides each user with a simplified and streamlined interface that is specific to their needs and enables agents to work more efficiently.

Contact Center Software

An efficient platform that streamlines communication and workflows to improve the caller experience and reduce agent frustration is imperative.