Top Five Reasons You Need a Secure Messaging Application

With the increasing reliance on instant messaging for critical situations, a reliable and HIPAA-compliant messaging application is more crucial than ever. Amtelco Secure Messages emerges as a reliable solution, providing a secure platform for your clinical communication needs and offering healthcare providers the space for a fast encrypted information-sharing process to streamline clinical communication. Let’s explore the critical elements of how healthcare organizations may benefit from a direct, secure messaging application! 

To eliminate communication barriers within healthcare and streamline information sharing without creating information overload. Healthcare providers will significantly benefit from equipping Amtelco Secure Messages with clinical communication. According to a study by Kathleen E. Walsh et al., “Promoting Secure Provider-to-Provider Communication with Electronic Health Record Messaging: An Educational Outreach Study,” Walsh highlights the importance of reducing clinical communication fragmentation. Fragmentation within clinical communication can contribute to care coordination breakdown between acute care facilities, “Studies have shown that when physicians communicate, collaborate, or share networks, unnecessary health care declines and clinical decision-making improves. ” (Walsh et al., p. 2). Healthcare organizations can significantly reduce clinical communication fragmentation using a fast, secure messaging platform, creating a more cohesive and connected team. Here are some fantastic features that Amtelco Secure Messages can present to alleviate pain points in clinical communication.  

  1. Privacy Protection: Data breaches and privacy concerns are prevalent as digital communication advances. Safeguarding healthcare organizations’ most sensitive data, such as– electronic patient health information (ePHI) – is paramount. Amtelco Secure Messages employs robust encryption protocols, ensuring clinical messages remain private and secure from unauthorized access. Encrypted messaging provides advanced privacy protection and is crucial for sensitive information-sharing processes, professional clinical collaboration, or any exchange requiring confidentiality, as well as reducing clinical communication barriers, mistakes, and costs! 
  2. Secure File Sharing: Traditional messaging apps may compromise your data security due to a lack of HIPAA compliance. According to Walsh, there are some challenges healthcare providers face in clinical communication.” These findings fit prior reports that the typical US primary care provider must coordinate care with physicians in practice. These dynamics could motivate adopting and supporting streamlined communication practices.” (Walsh et al., p.6). Amtelco Secure Messages excels in fast file sharing, allowing you to send sensitive documents, images, audio notes, or videos without the fear of interception. Amtelco Secure Messages ensures end-to-end encryption of your files during transit, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access and decrypt the shared content. Facilitating EHR-based electronic communication allows healthcare organizations that use different EHR systems to communicate efficiently and improves interoperability. 
  3. Compliance with Regulations: In the healthcare industry, regulatory requirements demand high data protection and privacy standards. A study by Simone Arvisais-Anhalt et al., “Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) in Practice-Recommendations for Improvements,” suggests using secure messaging to communicate efficiently with healthcare organizations that use different EHR systems. Amtelco Secure Messages can meet these compliance standards, providing a secure communication platform that aligns with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and more—offering compliance even with notifications and critical notifications, too!

Within EHR communication, the most common way healthcare providers communicate with one another is through email. Healthcare providers can streamline clinical communication by using direct secure messaging as a faster and more efficient way of reaching another provider and eliminating real-time confusion. “DSM has the potential to prevent duplicate testing and to fill information gaps; however, as currently implemented across the United States, DSM’s full potential has not been realized.” (Arvisais-Anhalt et al., p. 773). Healthcare providers can communicate through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. By adopting Amtelco Secure Messages, healthcare organizations can enhance clinical communication security and reinforce the commitment to industry compliance and patient safety.

  1. Message Recall and Remote Wipe: Mistakes happen, and sometimes messages are sent to the wrong recipient. Amtelco Secure Messages offers a valuable message recall feature, allowing you to retract messages sent in error. Additionally, in case of device loss or theft, the remote wipe feature empowers you to erase all Amtelco Secure Messages data on the compromised device, preventing unauthorized access. 
  2. Audit Trail and Reporting:  For healthcare organizations, keeping track of communication is essential for accountability and transparency. Amtelco Secure Messages offers a comprehensive audit trail, recording details such as message delivery, read receipts, and file transfers. This feature enhances team accountability and provides a valuable compliant audit and reporting tool.  

In conclusion, a secure messaging application like Amtelco Secure Messages can revolutionize today’s digital clinical communication landscape. Whether healthcare organizations are safeguarding clinical conversations or ensuring compliance within your organization, Amtelco Secure Messages stands out as a reliable solution for secure and private communication. Do not compromise on your data security – make the smart choice for your messaging needs with Amtelco Secure Messages.