Transforming Patient Care: Integration and Collaboration Through Secure Messaging

Healthcare collaboration

Every healthcare system aims to achieve timely and quality patient care by reducing misdiagnosis and costs with direct and fast communication. To ease the clinical communication pain points and barriers, healthcare administrators can upgrade the paging system to a secure messaging solution. Healthcare specialists can connect quickly during crucial times with critical notifications. Never miss code calls even when EMR and network are down; Amtelco Secure Messages will be up!

Streamlining Clinical Communication Workflows

Transforming healthcare communication starts with replacing traditional communication methods that may not be reliable in times of crisis. Only reliable, secure communication solutions result in timely communication, more accountability, efficient on-call scheduling, robust security, and more. One secure messaging platform can solve most, if not all, healthcare workflow pain points with easy integrations to Amtelco’s products. Instant connectivity and improvement in interoperability will allow a quicker decision-making process. Interdisciplinary care requires different trained medical professionals to structure a collective action to coordinate patient-centered care. With a secure messaging solution, healthcare providers will coordinate more seamlessly with other qualified medical professionals. Balancing autonomy and unity within a collaborative relationship is possible when transitioning from traditional clinical messaging to a modern, secure platform.

Defining the collaborative team approach requires building mutual respect and enabling practitioner and patient to contribute knowledge and skills for a synergistically charged care plan. Collaboration requires communication, coordination, colocation, and commissioning more independence. Meanwhile, integration is when a team works together regularly as a single entity-less independence. Discerning the two is critical for managing tasks and responsibilities and understanding healthcare professionals’ approach to clinical communication. According to Deborah B. Gardner, Ph.D., RN, CS scholarly article, “Ten Lessons in Collaboration” the mindset of healthcare providers is influential in the outcome of patient care and clinical collaboration. Healthcare providers must incorporate regular practice to reflect and take social science seriously. The most efficient and secure way to share information and structure of one’s thought process is possible when using a secure messaging solution.

Integration: A Seamless Approach to Patient Information

Efficiently Manage On-Call Scheduling

Healthcare specialists can access real-time schedules to reach the right people at the right time, contributing to better operational efficiency in healthcare facilities and streamlining clinical communication. With on-call scheduling integrated with Amtelco Secure Messages, healthcare providers can seamlessly manage time and work delegations. The scholarly article “The Difference Between Integration and Collaboration in Patient Care: Results From Key Informant Interviews Working in Multiprofessional Health Care Teams” by Heather S. Boon, Ph.D. et al., clarifies the influential aspects of healthcare collaboration, discerning the difference between integration and collaboration. Patient care requires effective teamwork. Successful patient care happens when healthcare organizations equip a secure messaging solution to streamline information-sharing—especially interdisciplinary patient care. Clarity is necessary in healthcare, and transparency in clinical communication and information cannot be compromised; “Our findings reveal differences in stakeholder perceptions of the terms collaboration and integration, suggesting that these terms must be defined to avoid confusion in discussions of interdisciplinary patient care (Table 1)” (Boon et al., p.719). Avoiding confusion is crucial in healthcare due to the benefits of saving costs and minimizing misdiagnoses. A dedicated secure messaging platform allows more transparency in a task’s status and allows healthcare providers to mark the acknowledgment of a message.

Successful clinical communication starts with a secure messaging solution that promotes strategic conversations—enhances team relationships, and develops constructive conflict-resolution skills. Gardner states the influence of dialogue and how critical dialogue can increase information sharing and expertise within a group; “Dialogue is another communications process that facilitates thinking and questioning together. In dialogue, conversations focus on surfacing assumptions, goals, and values, and summarizing disparate ideas in search of connections” (Gardner, D. p. 5). Strengthening a team’s clinical knowledge and collaborative process through secure messaging could result in a decisive outcome for clinical care. Sharing multidisciplinary forums through secure messaging to increase collaboration and integrate on-call can enhance collaborative relationships. Gardner emphasizes Coeling and Wilcox’s research on the influence of gender communication within healthcare, “Their analyses revealed that physicians and nurses place a high value on collaboration but different priorities on the communication elements” (Gardner, D. p. 4). Clinical collaboration focuses on tasks and relationships, and healthcare providers can celebrate cognitive diversity and communication on one secure platform for information sharing without the risk of data breaches.

Security: Safeguarding Patient Data

End-to-End Encryption

Patient confidentiality is paramount due to the high volume of ransomware over healthcare organization’s health data. An end-to-end encrypted messaging solution prevents data breaches and protects your information-sharing process and patients. Unauthorized users cannot attempt to access the message when healthcare organizations prioritize encryption—protecting healthcare organizations’ health data, saving costs, and patient privacy. Replace your traditional clinical communication method today by using a secure messaging solution. Provide your healthcare organizations the opportunity to master interpersonal and organizational skills. Healthcare clinical collaboration is a journey; allow Amtelco Secure Messages to be a part of the clinical vision.

Secure Messaging App

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