Two Methods for Efficiently Managing Code Calls

Handling Code Calls quickly and accurately is essential for reducing response times and providing optimal patient care. Amtelco’s intuitive Scripting software walks agents through calls, helping ensure they receive all the needed information. Code Calls are set up to follow your organization’s specific protocols, including automatically dispatching to the On-Call Code Team instantly, helping ensure fast reactions.

Amtelco offers two call distribution options to help ensure that Code Calls are answered quickly:

  • Direct to Agent – use ACD Skills to send Code Calls to the most available agent with the appropriate skill settings. If needed, Code Calls override the agent call limit, and include an audio alert. All agents see a pop-up Code Call alert.
  • Manual Distribution – an “Allow Agent to Pull Calls from Waits” option makes it possible for agents to locate and select a waiting Code Call. You can also add a “Select Wait” key command for agents to retrieve the call.

Manual Code Call Distribution

While many of us are familiar with the Direct to Agent technique, the newer Manual Distribution process offers another option that may help your organization to streamline the Code Call process.

How Manual Code Call Distribution works:

  • The Code Call goes into waits.
  • All agents receive a pop-up alert and can see the waiting Code Call in the Sidebar. All agents who aren’t on a call hear an audible Code Call alert.
  • The most available agent (with the applicable Agent Skills group) pulls the call to their screen and answers it.
  • A Code Call pop-up alert shows agents where the call went once answered.

Setting Up and Using Manual Code Call Distribution

To help you get started, TechHelper, the exclusive support resource for Amtelco customers, has two videos and a PDF document:
Click here to view the step-by-step set-up video.
Click here to see a video of how an agent pulls a code call from waits.
Click here for a PDF with detailed set-up instructions.


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