Unifying Healthcare Communication is What We Do

Hospital contact center operators.

Digital transformation in healthcare is a long-term game and requires partnerships with vendors who have a deep understanding about the unique challenges and solutions of the healthcare sector. When commercial contact center solutions are implemented for the healthcare industry, it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Hospitals and clinics have trusted Amtelco with their unique communication needs since 1997. Healthcare organizations are tasked to do more with less while providing excellent patient care. We aim to unify and simplify your communication processes to help your system achieve its goals. We understand that each organization has its own difficulties, procedures, and workflows. Our solutions and integrations help streamline workflows to save crucial time and reduce errors.

Critical Communication Solutions

Clinical communication is complex, but Amtelco is here to be your partner in all things connection, automation, AI, call flow, and scripting. Our highly customizable software improves processes for code calls, emergency notifications, on-call, web-based communications, and more.

Automate communications
Our contact center software is packed with automation tools to reduce burdens on your staff and managers. Automated scripting, voice services, call processing, notifications, call scoring, reporting, business continuity, and secure messaging speed communication and enable operators and medical personnel to focus on patient needs.

Bridge tech gaps with interoperable software
In healthcare, systems that don’t communicate properly can mean life or death. Amtelco’s integration engine ensures your hospital tech “talks” with each other by bridging communication gaps between disparate technologies in your contact center and throughout your healthcare system to improve interoperability.

Web-based communications
Our web-based virtual agent software can turn any computer into a professional operator workstation. Enhance care collaboration with our web-based applications that give nurses, physicians, and other staff remote access to on-call schedules, staff directories, messages, reports, call logs, and more.

Amtelco in Action – A Case Study

The best way to describe how we can help your organization is to give a real-world example from one of our customers. The Providence Swedish health system was formed after a merger in 2022. Their enterprise of eight hospitals and 244 clinics employs more than 2,200 providers and 22,000 caregivers. Providence Swedish delivers the most comprehensive healthcare service in Western Washington state, providing care for 1.2 million unique patients annually.

Supervisors at Providence Swedish noticed an uptick in errors related to nighttime on-call providers failing to return calls or pages about patients. It was discovered that communication breakdowns and delays were happening due to how updated on-call schedules were handled by the on-call system.

“We had situations where a provider may have a last-minute schedule change, an after-hours availability update, or needed to change their preferred method of being contacted,” said Brenda Frieboes, On-Call Manager for Providence Swedish. “Previously, providers contacted the call center and informed an operator. We could only take a message and note it in the system. There wasn’t a general announcement. A nurse on the floor wouldn’t know about a schedule change unless they happened to contact the call center because they couldn’t reach a provider.”

They needed an advanced on-call scheduling system that could handle the roughly 200 schedules that needed to be managed and dispatched. Brenda said, “We literally called around to different hospitals to see what system they used, and we became aware of Amtelco.”

Amtelco’s on-call scheduling solution offered many benefits, including several that addressed the needs of the team, including:

  • Advanced notifications about unfilled schedules.
  • The ability for departments and clinics to enter and update their own schedules and add them to personal and mobile calendars.
  • Automated, real-time updates.

The call center team at Providence Swedish also updated their hospital phone operator console with a more robust platform that could better handle the roughly 2,500 calls they receive each day and to improve the code call process.

Brenda explains, “Providence Swedish has many different locations, and our hospital operators had to manually process code calls from each location using code sheets. There were about 100 different code sheets for all our campuses. Depending on the code, this manual process could take up to two minutes each. We needed a system that could dispatch codes automatically.”

Providence Swedish wanted an operator console that could work enterprise-wide to guide agents through code calls and quickly dispatch to the correct location with a system that also tied into the on-call software. “Our team chose Amtelco’s operator console,” said Brenda. “Their console and widget-based app we use to manage on-call schedules can speak to each other. The codes are now dispatched through the system which met all our needs.”

Code calls can be incredibly stressful, and accuracy and speed are critical. The scripting component of Amtelco’s operator console is fully customisable to efficiently guide operators through any type of call. Once the scripts have been programmed into the system, the call center agents simply read the prompts and follow the script. Using Amtelco’s healthcare-specific console system along with the app helps to:

  • Reduce operator errors.
  • Improve efficiency for a better patient experience and outcome.
  • Contact the correct on-call personnel.
  • Provide detailed reporting analytics.

What Do You Need?
We can conduct a free, full contact center assessment of the current workflows and technology used at your organization (for both remote and physical contact centers). We visit physical call centers onsite to identify existing pain points and communication gaps. A live custom demonstration is done after the assessment to show you how everything can be handled within one modern, efficient user interface. We also highlight the ROI that can be realized through things like solution remediation, enhancement of current workflows via dynamic scripting, reduction of FTEs, and other aspects that health systems across the country have experienced using our contact center software.

Contact Center Software

An efficient platform that streamlines communication and workflows to improve the caller experience and reduce agent frustration is imperative.